Kerala PSC History Question and Answers - 14

Kerala PSC History Question and Answers - 14

1. Whose death anniversary is remembered as 'Shahid Diwas:

2. The Chittagong Armoury raid was in:

3. Name the author of the book, 'The Unity of India':

4. Subhash Chandra Bose was born in:

5. The viceroy of India during the formation of the Muslim League.

6. Who prepared the Pakistan Resolution of the Muslim League?

7. Royal Indian Navy Mutiny was held in:

8. Who announced the August offer of 1940?

9.The revolutionary who died after 64 days of fast in the jail:

10.The first textile mill in India was set up in:

11. As a prelude to the first session of the Indian National Congress, in which years were the two sessions of the Indian National Conference held?

12. Who organised Ganapati & Shivaji festivals?

13. In which year was the first session of the Indian National Congress organised?

14. Name the retired English civil servant who is known as the founder of Indian National Congress?

15. Who was the first President of the Indian National Congress?

16. How many delegates attended the first session of the Congress?

17. Who was the first woman to address a Congress session in 1890?

18. Who is associated with the 'Safety Valve' theory of the Congress?

19. Who was the British Viceroy at the time of the formation of Indian National Congress?

20. Which is known as the period of moderates in the Congress?

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