Kerala PSC - Solved Paper Lineman - Public Works (Electrical Wing) held on 21 Apr 2016
Kerala PSC - Solved Paper Lineman - Public Works (Electrical Wing) Exam held on 21 Apr 2016 Paper code - B

1.  Simple metod of increasing te voltage of a D.C. generator is:
 Ans: Increase the speed of rotation

2.  The existence of residual magnetism is not important if the D.C. generator is not connected as a:
Ans: Separately excited generator

3.  The sodium vapor lamp operates in best efficiency at:
Ans:300 degree Celsius

4.  Large value of air gap in an induction motor results in:
Ans: Providing better cooling

5.  Which type capacitor is used for starting of a single phase motor:
Ans: Paper capacitor

6.  An unbalanced system of three phase voltaes having RYB sequence actually consists of:
Ans: All of the above

7.  Transformer oil serves the functions of:
Ans: Insulation and cooling

8.  In scott connections the teuser transformer has tapping on:
Ans: 86% of primary

9.  The line voltage of a delta-connected three-phase circuit is 415V. The phase voltage is:
Ans: 415V

10.  To keep the frequency constant on increased loads the speed of the alternator should be:
Ans: Increased

11.  The unit of solid angle is:
Ans: steradian

12.  What is the temperature co-efficient value of aluminium ar 20 degree celsius:
Ans: 40.3*10-4

13.  How to increase the current range of a meter:
Ans: A low resistance connected in parallel

14.  One ampere-hour is equal to:
Ans: 3600 Coulombs

15.  Unit of M.M.F. is:
Ans: Ampere turns

16.  The starting winding is opened by a centrifugal switch when the motot has come up to about:
Ans: 75% of synchronous speed

17.  Outer cage of squirrel cage motor is made up of:
Ans: brass

18.  In star connection the supply voltage is reduced as:
Ans: y times

19.  In the three-point starter the hold ON coil is connected in the:
Ans: field circuit

20.  To magnetize steel is difficult because of its:
Ans: low permeability

21.  A.H.P.M.V. lamp gives:
Ans: 50 lumens/watt

22.  At the time of starting the sodium vapor lamp gives the colour of light is:
Ans: Reddish color

23.  Centre tapping of the high voltage transformer must be earthed to:
Ans: Provide safety of operator

24.  The possible minimum reading which can be taken by 0.25 m.m. of an outside micrometer is:
Ans: 0.01mm

25.  The bending angle of the hard drawn bare copper conductor for britannia joint should be:
Ans: 90 degree

26.  The most efficient form of damping employed in electrical instruments is:
Ans: eddy current

27.  The reactance offered by a capacitor to alternating current of frequency of 50 Hz is 10 Ohm, if frequency is increased to 100Hz the reactance becomes------Ohm
Ans: 5 Ohm

28.  Power factor of high speed motor compared to a low speed motor will be:
Ans: same

29.  The normal size of circular sheet steel disc of an armature core of D.C. generator is:
Ans: 0.5mm

30.  A 750 watts load is given to the three phase energy meter for 15 minutes and the meter constant is 1200 revolutions/KWH. Calculate the number of revolutions:
Ans: 200

31.  Which of the following rule is used for find the direction of induced e.m.f.:
Ans: Fleming's right hand rule

32.  The lifting power of a magnet is:
Ans: B2A/2Ho

33.  Who discovered the neutron?
Ans: Chadwick

34.  The voltage of a simple voltaic cell is:
Ans: 1.08v

35.  The speed of electricity is:
Ans: None of the above

36.  In soldering aluminium cables with a ferrule joint it is advisable to use:
Ans: a copper ferrule

37.  The distance between clips in horizontal runs shall not exceed:
Ans: 10cm

38.  For pipe earthing the minimum internal diameter of galvanized iron or steel pipe required is:
Ans: 18m.m.

39.  According to I.E. rules the leakage current in an installation should not exceed one by----th part of the maximum current supplied to the installation.
Ans: 5000

40.  The conductors of the armature windings are soldered at the commulator:
Ans: riser

41.  A three phase 50 Hz induction motor has 8 poles and full load slip is 2.5% find rotor speed:
Ans: 731 RPM

42.  Salient pole type rotor construction is usually provided in alternators used in:
Ans: Hydro power stations

43.  Flow from a reciprocating pump will be:
Ans: pulsating

44.  In practive earth is chosen as a place of zero potential because:
Ans: Has almost constant potential

45.  Any charge given to the battery when taken off the vehicle is called:
Ans: Bench charge

46.  What is the metal used to prevent the burning of the make and breke point of thermostal in an electric iron:
Ans: Brass

47.  Maxwell-Wein bridge is used for measuring:
Ans: Inductance

48.  The decibel is measure of:
Ans: Power level

49.  Non-sinusoidal waveforms are made up of:
Ans: Different sinusoidal waveforms

50.  There are no transients in pure resistive circuits because they:
Ans: They have no stored energy

51.  Which type of M.C.B is used in air conditioners:
Ans: G series

52.  Which type of fire extinguishers is used on electrical fire?
Ans: Halon type

53.  Nichrome is widely used for:
Ans: heater coils

54.  What is the di-electric strength in k.v./m.m. of asbestos at 20 degree celsius:
Ans: 42

55.  Value of one kilowatt-hour is:
Ans: 3600000 Joules

56.  The depolarizer is used in dry cell is:
Ans: MnO2

57.  One Farad is equal to:
Ans: One Coulomb/volt

58.  Two batteries each of open circuit voltage 2v and internal resistance of 2 Ohm are connected in parallel to supply a load of 2 Ohm, the current supplied by the battery is:
Ans: 1A

59.  The density of the acid in lead acid battery gives of an indication of:
Ans: The level of the acid

60.  The minimum insulation resistance of a water heater is:
Ans: 0.5 mega Ohm

61.  A solenoid is defined as an electromagnet:
Ans: Having more axial length than diameter

62.  Two watt meter method is used to measure the power in----load
Ans: Balanced and un-balanced load

63.  Potential transformer and current transformer are:
Ans: Instrument transformer 

64.  Inter-poles are provided to:
Ans: improve commutation

65.  Which of the following method is used to control the speed of shunt motor below than its rated speed:
Ans: armature control

66.  When the generator is loaded:
Ans: Brushes are kept in MNA for sparkles commutaiton

67.  A 24 Ohm and 8 Ohm resistors are in parallel have a combined resistance of:
Ans: 32 Ohm

68.  The percentage of carbon in high speed steel is:
Ans: 0.75 to 1%

69.  The control force employed in an indicating instrument, which can be kept in any position is:
Ans: Spring control

70.  The deflecting control of a moving iron instrument is directly proportional to the:
Ans: Square of the current

71.  No-load current of an introduction motor is approximately:
Ans: 30% of the full load current

72.  Chatter in an A.C. relay magnet canbe eliminated  using:
Ans: shading coil

73.  Which kind of bearing is used wen a motor is to be mounted horizontally?
Ans: Radial

74.  The rotor of a motor runs at 1410 R.P.M. and the synchronous speed is 1500 R.P.M. What is the slip of motor:
Ans: 6

75.  Turbo alternators usually have:
Ans: 2 poles

76.  I the meter constant mentioned in the meter is 1500 revolution/K.W.H in one revolution, the energy consumption is:
Ans: 40 watt-minutes

77.  An unknown D.C. voltage is to be measured, which measuring range will you select first:
Ans: 500V

78.  In three phase circuits the formula for calculating power factor by two wattmeter method is:
Ans: B

79.  The resistance of the starting winding:
Ans: Is higher than the running winding 

80.  The purpose of te capacitor  in a fan is to be:
Ans: give phase shift

81.  The Wagon Tragedy of the Malabar rebellion took place in:
Ans: 10 November 1921

82.  The 'Pattini Jatha' was organised by:
Ans: A.K.Gopalan and K.P.R.Gopalan

83.  Who among the folloiwng is associated with 'Keezhariyur Bomb Case' of 1942:
Ans: K.B.Menon

84.  Who among the following participated in Dandi March of 1930 with Mahatma Gandhi:
Ans: Krishnan Nair

85.  The poem 'Jatikkummi' is written by:
Ans: Pandit Karuppan

86.  The Constitution of India borrowed the idea of Directive Principle from:
Ans: Ireland

87.  The Indian Constitution has been divided in to:
Ans: 22 chapters

88.  Which of the following words were added to the preamble through an amendment in the Constitution carried out during emergency in 1976:
Ans: Socialist and Secular

89.  The Panchayat Raj was introduces in India in:
Ans: 1959

90.  Which one of the following subjects in the Concurrent list:
Ans: Criminal laws

91.  Shortly before the general election in 1951, Dr. B.R.Ambedkar decide to contest te election under the banner of:
Ans: Scheduled Caste Federation

92.  Name the military operation of Israel against Giza in 2014:
Ans: Operation protective edge

93.  The Govt. of Tamil Nadu decided to celebrate APJ.AbdulKalam's birthday as:
Ans: Youth Renaissance Day

94.  Who is known as'Mellisai Mannan':
Ans: M.S.Viswanathan

95.  Christopher Lee is associated with:
Ans: Cinema

96.  Who started CMS Press in 1821:
Ans: Benjamin Baily

97.  The first Keralite wo has participated with the activities of Indian National Congress was:
Ans: G.P.Pillai

98.  The famous play 'Pattabakki' was written by:
Ans: K.Damodaran

99.  Who moved resolution requesting  the Congress leadership to take the initiative to work for eradication ntouchability in Kerala at 'Kakinada' Sessionof 1923:
Ans: T.K.Madhavan

100.  Ayyankali strted Sadhujana Paripalana Sangham in:
Ans: 1907
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