Kerala PSC - Junior Instructor, Online Examination Solved Paper held on 25 Apr 2016

Kerala PSC - Junior Instructor, Online Examination Solved Paper held on 25 Apr 2016
Kerala PSC - Junior Instructor, Online Examination Solved Paper held on 25 Apr 2016, Paper Code : A

1.  Name the scheme launched by the Government of India for online booking of LPG cylinders:
Ans: Sahaj

2.  'Akhila Thiruttu' was the publication of:
Ans: Vaikunda Swamikal

3.  Which is not the poem of O.N.V.Kuruppu?
Ans: Karuna

4.  Who was the chief guest during the occassion of 67th' Republic Day of India?
Ans: French President

5.  'Unfinished Dream' is the book written by:
Ans: Vargheese Kurian

6.  Kerala Mineral and Metals is at:
Ans: Chavara

7.  Total area of Kerala is:
Ans: 38863

8.  Recently in which state Jats conducted movement for reservation?
Ans: Haryana

9.  Kundara proclamation was issued by:
Ans: Velu Thampi

10.  'Biospere' was firstly used by:
Ans: Edward Suess

11.  The study of mountains is:
Ans: Orology

12.  Who is the leader of Patel Strike in Gujarat?
Ans: Harthwik Patel

13.  The Round Table Conferences were held in:
Ans: London

14.  Forward Bloc was formed in:
Ans: 1939 May 3rd

15.  In 1955 Imperial Bank of India was nationalised and renamed as:
Ans: State Bank of India

16.  The Unit of atmospheric pressure is:
Ans: Hectopascal

17.  The number of West flowing rivers in Kerala:
Ans: 41

18.  In which year was the Presidential Rule enforced in Kerala for the first time?
Ans: 1959

19.  Who founded Pratyaksha Raksha Daiva Sabha for social reformation of Christians in Kerala:
Ans: Poikayil Sri Kumara Gurudevan

20.  The outbreak of which mosquito born virus causes birth defects in new born babies has been reported in Latin America:
Ans: Zika

21.  To continue running the engine must have:
Ans: Fuel, ignition, lubricating and cooling systems

22.  Which provide information to electronic control module?
Ans: Sensors

23.  Periodic maintenance or preventive maintenance helps to:
Ans: Prevent failure

24.  Hand brakes are applied on:
Ans: The rear wheels only

25.  What are the causes of accidents in the workshop:
Ans: faulty workmanship

26. Never running an engine in the closed room because the exhaust gas contains:
Ans: carbonmonoxide

27.  The diameter of a piston is three inches in metric system the diameter is:
Ans: 76.2 mm

28.  In the radiator pressure cap contains:
Ans: Both vacuum and pressure valves

29.  The function of flywheel is:
Ans: Smoothen the power flow, serve as the part of the clutch, for starting purpose

30.  Excessive end play of he crank shaft is prevented by using:
Ans: Thrust bearing

31.  The throttle position sensor can be checked by:
Ans: An ohmmeter

32.  In petrol fuel injection system, the two positions of injectors are:
Ans: The throttle body and in the intake port

33.  Which type of rool is used to tighten bolt and nut with specified torque?
Ans: Torque wrench

34.  Two type of fuel supply system used in SI engine are:
Ans: Fuel injection and carburettor

35.  In the clutch disc, the torsional vibrations is absorbed by the:
Ans: Coil springs

36.  The distance difference between the vehicle wheel based from one side to the other is known as:
Ans: Set back

37.  In throttle body injection system install the injector using new "o" rings lubricated or coated with:
Ans: Clean engine oil

38.  The basic control device of the carborator is:
Ans: Throttle valve

39.  In mac person-strut suspension system the upper end of the strut is attached to the:
Ans: Vehicle body

40.  To change reciprocating motion to rotary motion, the engine has:
Ans: connecting rod and crank shaft

41.  In the diesel engine, the air is compressed to a little as:
Ans: 1/22 of its original volume

42.  When the gear ratio through the transmission is 1:1, the transmission is in:
Ans: Direct drive

43.  The least count of a steel rule is:
Ans: 0.5 mm

44.  The mechanical speedometer, drive gear mounted on the:
Ans: Output shaft

45.  Which test is conducted to know the chemical condition of the plate of a lead acid battery?
Ans: Cadmium test

46.  Another name of formula wheel is known as:
Ans: Light alloy wheel

47.  The engine valves are closed by:
Ans: Valve springs

48.  The carburettor, the fuel in the float bowl is kept at a constant level by the action of:
Ans: Float and needle valve

49.  Which components help to control body roll when cornering or driving rough road:
Ans: Sway bar

50.  Any short circuit in the armature winding tested with:
Ans: Growler

51.  Out of round brake drums causes the tires to wear:
Ans: A single spots

52.  The primary function of lubrication is to:
Ans: Reduce wear

53.  An indication of ignition quality of a diesel fuel is given by:
Ans: Cetane number

54.  Calorific value of diesel fuel is:
Ans: 50 MJ/KG

55.  Which type of valve are used in I.C. engines:
Ans: Poppet valve

56.  Which typw of the pistons used in two stroke engines:
Ans: Domed head

57.  Which are constant clearance pistons:
Ans: Slot skirt piston

58.  Which type of earings used in wheel hub:
Ans: Taper roller bearing

59.  Which type of camshaft drive mechanism is used in over head camshaft engine:
Ans: Chain drive

60.  The purpose of the waste gate in the turbo charger is:
Ans: Prevent over boost

61.  Which type of water pump are used in I.C. engines:
Ans: Centrifugal pump

62.  Clutch dragging is noticeable at:
Ans: Gear shifting

63.  The distance measured from some specific point on the body, frame, or suspension to the ground is known as:
Ans: Suspension height

64.  Advantages of helical gear rather than spur gear in transmission is:
Ans: Low noise

65.  In carburator the transfer port comes into operation:
Ans: During slow speed operation

66.  The beairng clearance is never measured with:
Ans: Micrometer

67.  The car air conditioning system te three major enemies are:
Ans: Moisture, dirt and air

68.  The function of over drive is:
Ans: To step up gear ratio

69.  The ratio of height and width of the tire is known as:
Ans: Aspect ratio

70.  The parking brake are generally operated by:
Ans: Mechanically

71.  In suspension system, the weight supported by the springs is:
Ans: Sprung weight

72.  In rear wheel drive vehicle with front engine, the drive lines contains two joints, these are:
Ans: Slip joint and U joint

73.  Which transport vehicle is used to transporting passengers over long distance and provide luxurious interior, adjustable seats?
Ans: Coach

74.  The function of gear box in an automobile is:
Ans: Vary torque

75.  The longitudinal distance between the centre line of the front and rear axle is:
Ans: Wheel base

76.  The engine is mounted on front of the driver's cabin; this type of chasis is known as:
Ans: Conventional engine

77.  Which typeof rivets are used for clutch facing are attached to the hub plate?
Ans: Brass rivets

78.  Which type of gear box double de clutching is essential:
Ans: Constant mesh

79.  As the shock absorber compressed the fluid pass through the piston orifice and:
Ans: Out of dust shield

80.  The car air conditioning system, if the compressor runs no temperature between the low pressure and high pressure line indicates:
Ans: No refrigerants in the system

81.  Which type of rear axle, the wheel is directly connected to the axle shaft:
Ans: Semi floating

82.  Continuity in the Starter motor in the field winding can be tested with:
Ans: Multimeter

83.  The sum of camber angle and king pin inclination is called:
Ans: Included angle

84.  The color of the negative plate of a lead acid battery:
Ans: Gray

85.  The ratio of side force sustained and slip angle of a wheel during cornering is:
Ans: Cornering power

86.  In rack and pinion gear box the rack is attached to:
Ans: The rod

87.  In steering linkage another name for the drag link is:
Ans: Link rod

88.  Which part of the tyre contact with the road surface when the wheel rolls?
Ans: Thread

89.  In an engine stroke length is:
Ans: Double throw of crank

90.  Brakes fading occurs at:
Ans: Continuous application

91.  The air removing process of the hydraulic brake system is known as:
Ans: Bleeding

92.  In service procedure to install means to:
Ans: Put back the same part you removed

93.  Which meter indicate the total mileage covered?
Ans: Odometer

94.  Which instrument is used to measure the speed of a running vehicle:
Ans: Laser speed gun

95.  Steering ratio of the steering gear is the ratio between:
Ans: Number of degrees of steering wheel must turn to the front wheel turn to the one degree

96.  The working principle of hydraulic brake system:
Ans: Pascal's law

97.  When ir is operated, which mechanism is going to off stage:
Ans: Clutch

98.  The purpose of tyre sipes is:
Ans: Increase traction

99.  In two stroke engines has 'port' on:
Ans: Cylinder walls

100.  Which one of the engine has longest crank shaft:
Ans: In-line engine
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