Kerala PSC - Solved Paper Livestock Inspector Grade II held on 11 Apr 2016

Kerala PSC - Solved Paper Livestock Inspector Grade II held on 11 Apr 2016

1.North end of West Coast Canal
Ans : Kottapuram

2.What does the letter “U”stands for in UIAI,the authority for issuing Aadhar Card?
Ans : Unique

3.Indian State with Universal Public Distribution System
Ans : Tamilnadu

4.Major type of soil found in India
Ans : Alluvial Soil

5.Indian State tops in production of coffee
Ans : Karnataka

6.National Statistical Day is observed on
Ans : 29 June

7.The Vernacular Press Act of 1878 was introduced by
Ans : Lord Lytton

8.Bhagat Singh,Rajguru and Sukhdev were given death sentence in the murder of
Ans : John Saunders

9. "Rakhi Bandan" was programme in
Ans : Swadesi Movement

10. Which is known as ”Golden Fibre”?
Ans : Jute

11. Who was awarded “Bharata Kesari”?
Ans : Mannath Padmanabhan

12. "Sadhujanadootan" was a magazine started by
Ans : John Joseph

13. First Nair Regulation Act was passed in Travancore during the rule of
Ans : Moolam Thirunal

14. Absention Movement of Travancore was organized mainly by
Ans : Joint Political Congress

15. Guruvayur temple was thrown open to the untouchable Hindus in
Ans : 1947

16. Chairman of 14th Finance Commission
Ans : Y.V.Reddy

17. "French Lover" is a novel by
Ans : Thaslima Nasrin

18. The B S-6 standard of emission is to be implemented nationwide by
Ans : 2020

19. Which sector is more restricted in terms of Foreign Direct investment?
Ans : News media

20. Who owns the record of fastest century in Test Cricket?
Ans : Brendon MC Cullum

21.The critical temperature of Indian Cattle is---------
Ans : 950F

22.According to PFA rules standardized milk contains
Ans : 4.5% fat and 8.5%SNF

23.Microorganism that can multiply only inside a living cell is-----------
Ans : Virus

24.Choose the method for selecting breeding bulls
Ans : Progeny selection

25.Good quality bio-gas has a composition of-----------
Ans : 75% methane and 25% carbon dioxide

26.Human milk is --------than cow milk
Ans : Low in protein,high in lactose

27.------vitamin is synthesized by rumen micro flora
Ans : Vit B complex

28.Internal quality of egg can be examined using
Ans : Candler

29.Ampulla is enlarged portion of-------
Ans : Vas deferens

30.Met-estrous lasts for
Ans : 2-3 days

31.Calf should get milk at the rate of--------% of body weight.
Ans : 10%

32.Hormones FSH and LH are secreted from
Ans : Pituitary

33.In non ruminant herbivores modification of ----helps in digestion of roughages.
Ans : Caecum

34.In intensive system of housing of cattle ideal width of manager is-------------
Ans : 75 cm

35.Zinc deficiency leads to--------
Ans : Para Keratosis

36.Digestion of carbohydrates in ruminants by microorganisms results in the formation of-------
Ans : Volatile fatty acids

37.Which among the following vitamins is not a fat soluble one?
Ans : Vit C

38.Protein contains---------% of Nitrogen
Ans : 16

39.Normal body temperature of poultry is------
Ans : 107.20F

40.Which among the following is a zoonotic disease
Ans : Anthrax

41.Select the feed stuff with the highest DCP content
Ans : Ground nut cake

42.Incubation period of turkey egg is ---------days
Ans : 28

43.Which among the following species has the highest dressing percentage?
Ans : Swine

44.The hormone responsible for maintaining pregnancy is--------
Ans : Progesterone

45.The ruminant stomach compartment that squeeze out water from feed is-------
Ans : Omasum

46.The time and temperature in HTST system of pasteurization is---------
Ans : 720C,15 seconds

47.Type of placentation in sow is-------
Ans : Diffuse

48.Which among the following is a protozoal disease of poultry?
Ans : Coccidiosis

49.--------is an anti-sterility vitamin
Ans : Vit E

50.FMD vaccination campaign in Kerala is---------
Ans : Goraksha

51.Heart is situated in----------cavity.
Ans : Thoracic

52.As per ISI specification compounded cattle feed should contain ---------%CP
Ans : 20

53.Choose a disease caused by virus.
Ans : Foot and Mouth Disease

54.According to PFA rules butter should contain not less than ------------% fat.
Ans : 80

55.The disease in cattle due to impaired carbohydrate metabolism is---------
Ans : Ketosis

56.The cryo protectant in frozen semen is-----
Ans : 7% glycerol

57.Castrated male pig is--------
Ans : Stag

58.In our cross breeding programme of cattle exotic inheritance is recommended to be limited to---------percentage
Ans : 50

59.Oxytocin is secreted from which of the following glands.
Ans : Posterior pituitary

60.Major milk protein in cow milk is------
Ans : Casein

61.Choose a deworming medicine from those given below
Ans : Albendazole

62.Whole leghorn breed of poultry belongs to which class?
Ans : Mediterranean

63.Special concentrate feed given to calves for better growth is termed -----------
Ans : Calf starter

64.Full mouth condition in cattle occurs at the age of ----------
Ans : 5 years

65.Testosterone is secreted from---------------
Ans : Leydig cells

66.In cattle ovulation occurs at which stage of sexual cycle?
Ans : Metestrous

67.Select suitable age of castrating bull from the following
Ans : 2-3 years

68.The ideal calving interval in cattle for better productivity is------------
Ans : 12-13 months

69.Renneting is a process involved in manufacturing of--------
Ans : Cheese

70.Spermatozoa undergo maturation and development in--------part of male reproductive system.
Ans : Epididymis

71.Type of teeth which is absent in cattle
Ans : Canines

72.Ideal dry period recommended for dairy cattle is-------days
Ans : 60

73.A fodder tree commonly seen in Kerala
Ans : Subabool

74.When water is added to milk,specific gravity of milk
Ans : Decreases

75.Type of feed containing more than 18% crude fibre is------
Ans : Roughages

76.The method of Identification not suited for white coated animals is------
Ans : Freeze branding

77.After dilution,the diluted semen is examined under high power microscope for evaluating which of the following parameter.
Ans : Motility

78.Young one of turkey is known as--------
Ans : Poult

79.Which among the following is an induced ovulator?
Ans : Cat

80.Site of fertilization in cattle is------------
Ans : Fallopian tube

81.Blood glands are found in-----
Ans : Earthworm

82.Joints between the skull and the vertebral column is known as------
Ans : Pivot joint

83. Hybridisation technique is used to detect specific proteins--------
Ans : Western blotting

84.In ECG,the ventricular depolarization is represented as
Ans : QRS Complex

85.Turner’s syndrome has the sex chromosome combination of--------
Ans : X0

86.The enzyme,which is known as “Molecular Scissors” is----
Ans : Restriction endonuclease

87.Which of the following is a pseudocoelomate animal?
Ans : Roundworm

88.Tendon Joins-----
Ans : Muscle-to-Bone

89.A child of blood group ‘O’will have parents of blood groups-------
Ans : None of these

90.The functional unit of DNA ,which determines a single polypeptide chain is---------
Ans : Cistron

91.Which of the following ion plays a vital role in the photolysis of water during photosynthesis?
Ans : Mn2+

92.Agaricus belongs to the class-------
Ans : Basidiomycetes

93.The ribosome of eukaryotes is----------
Ans : 80 S

94.Which of the following plant hormone is known as stress hormone?
Ans : Abscisic acid

95. Anemophily refers to------
Ans : Pollination by the agency of wind

96.Maturation of anther and stigma of a flower at different times is known as
Ans : Dichogamy

97.Arachis hypogeal belongs to the family of---------
Ans : Fabaceae

98.The Cambium,which produces cork is known as------
Ans : Phellogen

99.Name the fungus which is extensively used in Genetic studies.
Ans : Neurospora

100.The site of dark reaction in photosynthesize is-----------
Ans : Stroma
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