Kerala PSC : Expected Question for University Assistant Exam - 47

1. Who is the first winner of ‘Indira Gandhi Award for International Justice and Harmony’?

[a] Yasir Arafath
[b] Dr. Manmohan Singh
[c] Mikhayel Gorbachev
[d] None of these

2. There was no Five-Year Plan in India for 3 years during

[a] 1951-54
[b] 1965-68
[c] 1966-69
[d] 1972-75

3. Who among the following won the Golden Harvest throws meet at Portland, US on October 12, 2011?

[a] Krishna Poonia
[b] Sujatha Krishnan
[c] Mary Lao Abraham
[d] Suman Carla Chang

4. In India Implementation of the Panchayat Raj is step towards fulfillment of

[a] Directive Principles
[b] Fundamental Duties
[c] Fundamental Rights
[d] None of the above

5. One of the magnificent Hindu shrines, the Hazara temple was built during the reign of

[a] Harihara
[b] Krishnadeva Raya I
[c] Rajaraja Chola I
[d] Deva Raya II

6. The first Space Station in the world

[a] Salyut - I
[b] Skylab
[c] Voyager-1
[d] Viking

7. The highest water fall in India

[a] Siva Sundaram
[b] Jog (Gersoppa)
[c] Hogenakkal
[d] Courtallam

8. Key board, scanner and microphone are examples of............

[a] software programs
[b] input devices
[c] output devices
[d] utilities

9. Who was the first Education Minister of Kerala?

[a] C.Achuthamenon
[b] V.K. Krishnamenon
[c] Prof. Joseph Mundassery
[d] John Mathew

10. the building blocks of proteins?

[a] Amino acid
[b] Acetic acid
[c] Citric acid
[d] Nitric acid

11. When I ——— the door, the children ran in.

[a] had opened
[b] opened
[c] opens
[d] none of these

12. Where is the headquarters of International Atomic Energy Agency?

[a] Vienna
[b] Hague
[c] Geneva
[d] None of these

13. Who was the first Keralite to become a member of the UPSC

[a] Sardar K.M. Panicker
[b] John Mathai
[c] Dr. K.G. Adiyodi
[d] V. Vishwanathan

14. Use suitable alternative He prevented me _____ there.

[a] to go
[b] is going
[c] from going
[d] from to go

15. Fatehpur Sikri was founded by

[a] Babar
[b] Humayun
[c] Akbar
[d] Jahangir

16. Nickel is an example of --------

[a] Ferrimagnetic
[b] Antimagnetic
[c] Ferromagnetic
[d] None of these

17. He was enamoured —— the girl .

[a] of
[b] with
[c] in
[d] for

18. World Health Organisation established on

[a] April 7, 1948
[b] May 30, 1984
[c] April 24, 1947
[d] September 7, 1950

19. Who amongst the following was the ruler of Chittor, when Alauddin Khilji attacked and conquered it in 1303 A.D.?

[a] Rana Sanga
[b] Rana Kumbha
[c] Rana Rattan Singh
[d] Rana Hammir

20. The ‘instruments of instructions’ contained in the Government of India Act 1935, were incorporated in the constitution of India

[a] Preamble
[b] Fundamental Rights
[c] Directive Principles of State Policy
[d] Fundamental duties

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