Kerala PSC : Expected Question for University Assistant Exam - 48

Kerala PSC : Expected Question for University Assistant Exam - 48

1. They returned home more ______ than I expected.

[a] quick
[b] quickly
[c] quicker
[d] much quickly

2. Who among the following worked for the upliftment of depressed classes before independence?

[a] Ram Manohar Lohia
[b] Jagjivan Ram
[c] Bhim Rao Ambedkar
[d] Rajendra Prasad

3. If a droplets of water falls on hot glass, what happens

[a] glass will clean
[b] glass will not broken
[c] glass will be broken
[d] No change

4. Which of the following is not an Indus Valley Civilization site?

[a] Alamgirpur
[b] Lothal
[c] Kaushambi
[d] Balakot

5. It was ————— a cold afternoon ———— we stopped playing.

[a] such ——— as
[b] such ——— that
[c] such ——— as to
[d] none of these

6. Cow milk is a rich source of

[a] Vitamin A
[b] Vitamin B
[c] Vitamin C
[d] Vitamin D

7. Organ in our body that produces the largest quantity of enzyme?

[a] Lungs
[b] Heart
[c] Liver
[d] Kidney

8. Who wrote ‘Wuthering Heights’?

[a] Boris Pasternak
[b] Emily Bronte
[c] Rafi Raza
[d] Arthur.C.Clarke

9. The famous book ‘Neermathalam Poothakalam’ is written by

[a] Balamaniamma
[b] Vayalar Rama Varma
[c] Kamala Surayya
[d] M.Leelavathi

10. The Lok Sabha can be dissolved before the expiry of its normal five year term by

[a] the Prime Minister
[b] the Speaker of Lok Sabha
[c] the President on the recommendation of the Prime Minister
[d] None of the above

11. I save money by ———— smoking.

[a] carefully
[b] frequently
[c] ever
[d] never

12. Taxila was a famous site of

[a] Early Vedic Art
[b] Mauryan Art
[c] Gandhara art
[d] Gupta Art

13. Fill up the blanks using suitable choice: It is not easy to beat ______ a swarm of wasps if they attack you.

[a] out
[b] up
[c] down
[d] off

14. When was the monopoly of East India Company in trade brought under the control of the British Crown?

[a] 1773 A.D.
[b] 1784 A.D.
[c] 1793 A.D.
[d] 1813 A.D.

15. In whose rule was Islam as the State religion abolished?

[a] Akbar
[b] Balban
[c] Ibrahim Lodi
[d] Ghias-ud-din Tughlaq

16. What was the chief characteristic of Government of India Act, 1935 ?

[a] Federal Government of Centre
[b] Unitary Government at Centre
[c] Interim Indian Government at Centre
[d] None of these

17. Tesla is the unit of

[a] Magnetic field induction
[b] Electric Charge
[c] Power
[d] Voltage

18. With which one of the following games, Uruguay’s Diego Forlan is associated?

[a] Hockey
[b] Football
[c] Snooker
[d] Volleyball

19. Which joint present in the thumb?

[a] Seller (Saddle) Joint
[b] Pivot Joint
[c] Hinge Joint
[d] Gliding joint

20. Nibble describes a combination of

[a] 5 bits
[b] 6 bits
[c] 7 bits
[d] 4 bits

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