Kerala PSC : Expected Question for University Assistant Exam - 61

Kerala PSC : Expected Question for University Assistant Exam - 61

1. The Devadasi system of South Travancore was repealed by which ruler?

2. Which reform in the Travancore replaced matriarchy to patriarchy?

3. Who was the last Maharaja of Travancore?

4. In which year was the historical temple entry proclamation issued in Travancore?

5. Who was the famous Diwan of Travancore from 1936 to 1947 ?

6. Which bank established by CP Ramaswami Iyer eventually became State Bank of Travancore?

7. Which Maharaja is credited with the abolition of capital punishment, universal adult franchise and midday meal scheme in the Travancore state?

8. In which year was the Travancore Bhoopanaya Bank established?

9. Which was the first hydro-electric project in Kerala?

10. The Thiru-Kochi state was formed in the year ?

11. Who was the Majaraja of Travancore at the time of the formation of Thiru-Kochi?

12. Who called Allappuzha 'The Venice of the East'?

13. The largest cinnamon estate in the world is situated at?

14. In which year Mathrubhumi started publication?

15. In which year was Mappila Rebellion?

16. In which year was Wagon Tragedy?

17. Which place was called as 'Second Bardoli'?

18. Who was the first person from Malabar to become a minister in the Madras State?

19. Who was the first president of Muslim League in Malabar?

20. In which year the socialist wing of the Congress in Malabar turned in to the Communist party?

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