Kerala PSC : Expected Question for University Assistant Exam - 62

1. Kurumban Daivathan was born in

2. The journal Velakkaran started by

3. Kalpathy lahala held in

4. The book Brahmadharma written by

5. The first Secretary of Kerala Yukthivadhi sangam

6. Kerala Handicraft Development Corporation situated in

7. Rajiv Gandhi combined cycle power project situated in

8. An Ombudsman can be removed by

9. Article 266 of the Indian Constitution deals with

10. Khetri Cooper mine is situated in

11. The first Malayali nominated to the loksabha

12. Who says that INC Is a begging institution

13. Who is known as 'Duke of Wellington '

14. The first Malayali to become the Governor

15. IBM Stands for

16. Aso-Villa is the official residence of

17. The First Transport minister of Kerala

18. Seshachalam hills is situated

19. The plant with highest gravitational force

20. Japanese Encephallitis is spread

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