Kerala PSC : Expected Question for University Assistant Exam - 65

1. The first Electronic computer which could store programs in the memory

[a] UNIVAC (Universal Automatic Computer)
[b] EDVAC (Electronic Discrete Variable Automatic Computer)
[c] EDSAC (Electronic Delay Storage Automatic Calculator)
[d] ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Calculator)

2. Who introduced the railways and telegraphs in India?

[a] Lord Hardinge
[b] Lord Dalhousie
[c] Lord Rippon
[d] Lord Canning

3. The escape velocity from the moon

[a] 2.38 km/s
[b] 11.2km/s
[c] 2.48 km/s
[d] None of these

4. Trihydric acid is

[a] Glycerrol
[b] Fructose
[c] Glucose
[d] Iodine

5. Who is the writer of the book ‘Between hope and history’?

[a] Henry Fielding
[b] Bill Clinton
[c] Charles Berlitz
[d] Peter Lynch

6. The world’s largest lake is

[a] Lake victoria
[b] Caspian sea
[c] Lake superior
[d] Black sea

7. The birth place of Shankaracharya was at _____

[a] Kalady
[b] Perumbavoor
[c] Ernakulam
[d] None of these

8. Give one word for the following: A person with full discretionary power to act on behalf of a country.

[a] Ambassador
[b] Emissary
[c] Plenipotentiary
[d] Envoy

9. The ‘Shahnama’ was written by

[a] Alberuni
[b] Firdausi
[c] Amir Khusrao
[d] Abul Fazal

10. Cricket team of which of the following countries has not got the status of Test?

[a] England
[b] Bangladesh
[c] South Africa
[d] Canada

11. The immortal fame of Ashoka largely rests upon

[a] his conversion to Buddhism and its propagation.
[b] his policy for the welfare of his subjects,
[c] his work in the sphere of religion and moral teachings.
[d] his extensive conquests.

12. Every individual wishes to lead a _____life.

[a] respected
[b] respectful
[c] respectable
[d] respective

13. I have many letters to reply ——.

[a] to
[b] for
[c] with
[d] on

14. Which of the following is not a member of G-8?

[a] Canada
[b] Japan
[c] France
[d] UAE

15. Manila is the headquarters of

[a] ABB
[b] ABC
[c] ACB
[d] ADB

16. Who has been awarded with Rolex player of the year 2010?

[a] Jeev Milkha Singh
[b] Ashok Kumar
[c] Arjun Atwal
[d] Gaganjeet Bhullar

17. Which of the following rulers belonged to Slave Dynasty?

[a] Iltumish
[b] Humayun
[c] Akbar
[d] Ahmad Shah Abdali

18. ‘A foreign policy for India’ has been written by

[a] Arun Shourie
[b] I.K.Gujral
[c] Partha Chatterjee
[d] Boris Yeltsin

19. World’s most important fumitory crop is

[a] Rice
[b] Clove
[c] Charas
[d] Tobacco

20. The first national park established in India 1n 1936 was

[a] Silent Valley National Park
[b] jimCorbett National park
[c] Eravikulam National park
[d] Bandipur National park

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