Kerala PSC : Expected Question for University Assistant Exam - 66

1. Who founded the Indian National Social Congress in 1887 ?

[a] G.K. Gokhale
[b] Ram Prasad Bismil
[c] M.G. Ranade
[d] E.G. Tilak

2. Which of the following Article (Right) is available against private individuals also

[a] Article 14
[b] Article 15
[c] Article 17
[d] None of the above

3. The upper atmosphere layer is known as

[a] Troposphere
[b] Mesosphere
[c] Chromosphere
[d] Ionosphere

4. The hunter was attacked by a _____ of wolves.

[a] herd
[b] gang
[c] pack
[d] flock

5. Find out the mistake in the sentences:

[a] I have /
[b] lesser books /
[c] thank you/
[d] no error

6. Barabar caves were used for shelter by

[a] Tantrics
[b] Jainas
[c] Ajivikas
[d] Tharus

7. What percent of the total population of India are children in 2011 census

[a] 15%
[b] 12.1%
[c] 10%
[d] 13.1%

8. Which of the following is the most populated city in India

[a] Delhi
[b] Culcutta
[c] Chennai
[d] Mumbai

9. Corrosion of a metal occurs

[a] anode
[b] cathode
[c] both anode and cathode
[d] None of the above

10. Who was the first woman to selected for the Padma award belongs to Kerala?

[a] M.Leelavathi
[b] Sugatha Kumari
[c] Lekshmi N. Menon
[d] None of these

11. The fuel used in the Thermal Power Station at Kayamkulam is

[a] Coal
[b] Natural gas
[c] Naphtha
[d] Diesel

12. Who was the first Malayalam writer to win the first ‘Joshwa Foundation Literary Award’?

[a] Thakazhi
[b] O.N.V. Kurup
[c] Sugathakumari
[d] Kamala Surayya

13. The concepts in the Declaration of Independence are based on the ideas of the philosopher

[a] Descartes
[b] Hobbes
[c] Smith
[d] Locke

14. Geethu purchased 12 pencils and 8 pens for Rs.124. Neethu purchased 5 pencils and 10 pens for Rs.105, from the same trader, at the same rate. What is the price of one pencil?

[a] Rs.5.00
[b] Rs.8.00
[c] Rs.9.00
[d] Rs.4.50

15. Provide prepositions: The manager was approved ——— my plan .

[a] of
[b] at
[c] in
[d] with

16. Look, the sun _____ in the east

[a] rise
[b] rised
[c] is rising
[d] was rising

17. What was the name of the periodical published by Mahatma Gandhi during his stay in South Africa?

[a] India Gazette
[b] Navjivan
[c] Indian Opinion
[d] Afrikaner

18. The bond between carbon atoms in Diamond is

[a] metalic bond
[b] ironic bond
[c] covalent bond
[d] Vander Waals bond

19. The famous Pakistan resolution was passed at

[a] Bombay
[b] Delhi
[c] Calcutta
[d] Lahore

20. Banasurasagar Dam situated in which of the following district?

[a] Wayanad
[b] Kollam
[c] Pathanamthitta
[d] Palakkad

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