Kerala PSC Computers Question and Answers - 16

Q.1. Which of the following software applications would be most appropriate for performing Statistical and Numerical calculations?

[1] Document Processor
[2] Graphics Package II
[3] Power Point
[4] Spreadsheet
[5] Meta Processor

Q.2. Removing and replacing devices without turning off the computer is referred to as _______.

[1] Search Engines
[2] Operating System
[3] Software
[4] Resource Locators
[5] Plug-n-Play

Q.3. Mr. Ramesh has a song sung by him on the desktop, in the C drive, and also in the D drive. This scenario in computer language is generally referred to as ______.

[1] Data Redundancy
[2] Multiple Data Places
[3] Various File Places
[4] Data Inconsistency
[5] Data Independent

Q.4. What is a Firewall?

[1] A wall to protect against Fire
[2] A software to protect from computer hacker intrusions
[3] A software to destroy computer
[4] A wall to make partitions in computer
[5] A type of virus

Q.5. Ritu sent a mail to Pavan by putting his email address in 'Cc' and to Taruna by putting her email address in 'Bcc'. Which of the following is true based on the given scenario?

[1] Pavan can view the email address of Ritu and Taruna
[2] Taruna can view the email address of Pavan & Ritu
[3] Pavan can view the email address of Taruna only
[4] Both 1 and 2
[5] None of them is true

Q.6. When data changes in multiple lists and all lists are not updated, this causes ____.

[1] Data Population Problem
[2] Data Reduction
[3] Data Induction
[4] Data Overload
[5] Data Inconsistency

Q.7. The legal right to use software based on specific restrictions is granted via a _______.

[1] Software privacy policy
[2] Software License
[3] Software password manager
[4] Software log
[5] None of these

Q.8. Which of the following is not an operating system?

[1] Windows 2000
[2] DOS
[3] Windows 7
[4] Mac Os X Lion
[5] Google

Q.9. Find the Mismatched pair?

[1] Chrome - Google
[2] Opera - Opera Software
[3] Internet Explorer - Microsoft
[4] Safari - Net Scape Communications
[5] None of these

Q.10. What is the full form of RISC?

[1] Reduced Instruction Set Computing
[2] Reformed Instruction System Computing
[3] Reduced Information System Computing
[4] Restoration of Information in System Computing
[5] Reduced Instruction Sect Code

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