Trick to remember Important Days of a Month (February)
In Every Competitive Exams there is atleast one question is based on Important Days both National and International, and it is not easy to remember each and every day.  Here I am sharing trick to remember almost all important days in the month of February. Trick for the  month of January click here


Memorize this funny story

1 Coast Guard ship from 2 Wetlands arrested 4 Cancer patients and 5 Kashmiris protesting with 7 Roses and 8 Married couples  for 20 new Social Justice and opposed the inclusion of 21 International Mother languages. The govt. decided to cancel the inclusion as per the Central Excise ACT‐24 decision in this regards taken on 25th Sustainable Energy meeting and will be implemented on 28th National Science day as Rare Disease.

Date Day observed
01 February Indian Coast Guard Day
02 February World Wetland Day
04 February World Cancer Day
05 February Kashmir Solidarity Day
07 February Rose Day
08 February World Marriage Day
20 February World Day of Social Justice
24 February Central Excise Day
25 February World Sustainable Energy Day
28 February National Science Day
28 February Rare Disease Day

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