Trick to remember Important Days of a Month (January)
In Every Competitive Exams there is atleast one question is based on Important Days both National and International, and it is not easy to remember each and every day.  Here I am sharing trick to remember almost all important days in the month of January.


Memorize this funny story

For 1 Family and peace for 6 Orphans9 NRI’s organized an event called “10 min’s Laugh” attended by 12 National Youths with 14 Kites. The security was provided by 15 Army men and 18 Immunization volunteers alongwith 19 Human Rights Activists, out of these 21 volunteers were Hugging each other . In this event, 23 Desh Premi's and 24 Girl Child got 25 Votes (Voters) each from Tourists. Polling was on 26th Republic Day at International Customs office and 28 Data protected to commemorate 30 Martyr's and 31 Leprosy Eradicators of the Nation.

Date Day observed
01 January Global Family Day
01 January World Day of Peace
06 January World Day for War Orphans
09 January NRI Day (Pravasi Bharitya Divas)
10 January World Laughter Day
12 January National Youth Day
14 January International Kite Festival 
15 January Army Dat
18 January National Immunization Day (Polio Day)
19 January Human Rights Day
21 January World Hug Day
23 January Desh Prem Divas
24 January National Girl Child Day
25 January National Voter Day
25 January National Tourism Day
26 January Republic Day
26 January International Customs Day
28 January Data Protection Day
30 January Martyrs Day
31 January World Leprosy Eradication Day

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