Kerala PSC General Knowledge Question and Answers - 36

Kerala PSC General Knowledge Question and Answers - 36
Kerala PSC General Knowledge Question and Answers, Expected Question for PSC Exams, Repeated Questions, Kerala PSC General Knowledge Question and Answers - 36

1. Which among the following is not a Kharif crop

2. Which monument was built by Mohammed Quli Qutub Shah in 1591 to commemorate the end of the plague in his capital

3. For the popularization of science, which agency of United Nations (UN) awards the Kalinga Prize

4. ’Lawsons Bay Beach’ and ‘Ramakrishna Beach’ are located in which port city on the Bay of Bengal

5. Which ancient Indian physician is known as the ‘Father of Modern Plastic Surgery’

  6. Who directed Oscar award winning short documentary film ‘Smile Pinki’ (2008)

7. Who presided over the first session of the All India Trade Union Cogress in 1920

8. On which planet, due to its clockwise (east to west) rotation on the axis, the Sun rises in the west and sets in the east

9. By what name is British lady Madeleine Slade, a disciple of Mahatma Gandhi, better known

10. For his major role in the development of computer chip ‘Pentium’, which indian IT expert is called the ‘Father of Pentium’

11. In which sport, each team consists of four male and four female players

  12. What is the term of a member of Rajya Sabha

13. In which state is the Kanchenjunga, the second highest mountain peak in India, located

14. What does the Pisciculture refers to

15. In 1906, at the founding session of all India Muslim League in Dhaka, who became the first president of the party

16. Which is the longest National Highways in India

17. How do we better know nineteenth century spiritual guru Gadadhar Chatterjee

18. Stapes, the smallest and the lightest bone in human body, is the part of which organ

19. Which mineral is mined at Jayamkondam in Tamil Nadu

20. Who authored the book ‘A Brief History of Time’

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