Kerala PSC : Expected Question for University Assistant Exam - 34

Kerala PSC : Expected Question for University Assistant Exam - 34

1. Which are the working languages of UN?

[a] French, Arabic
[b] French, English
[c] French, Chineese
[d] Chineese, Russian

2. Universal Declaration of human rights was passed by the U.N.General Assembly on

[a] 10.12.1948
[b] 13.11.1947
[c] 09.12.1948
[d] 12.12.1946

3. Which year is declared by UN as the International year of Bio-Diversity?

[a] 2008
[b] 2009
[c] 2010
[d] 2011

4. The first Muslim to be elected President of the Indian National Congress was

[a] Badruddin Tyabji
[b] Mohammed Ali
[c] Maulana Azad
[d] M.A.Jinnah

5. ......... is a mature plant tissue composed of loosely packed, more or less spherical cell with thin cellulose walls

[a] Phloem
[b] Sclerenchyma
[c] Parenchyma
[d] Xylem

6. Whose period “gave China the most prosperous, peaceful and enlightened reign in the nations history’?

[a] K’ang Hsi
[b] Chien Lung
[c] Chu-Yuan-Chang
[d] Wang-Yank-Ming

7. On what ground, the Supreme court of India can accept the appeal against any High Court Judgement?

[a] There is sufficient legal jurisdiction in it
[b] That is the Fundamental Right of the person who appeals
[c] It is the apex court of the country
[d] Law minister has recommended in that regard

8. Which bird santuary in Kerala was formerly known as Baker’s Estate?

[a] Thattekkad
[b] Kumarakom
[c] Choolannur
[d] Mangalavanam

9. Mark ‘stands well’ with his boss. ‘Stands well’ closely means:

[a] Mark is well thought of by his boss.
[b] Mark is not well thought of by his boss.
[c] Boss is well thought of by Mark.
[d] Boss is not well thought of by Mark

10. Which of the following diseases is hereditary ?

[a] Dysentery
[b] Tuberculosis
[c] Haemophilia
[d] Cancer

11. Where was the first parliamentary form of government formed?

[a] Britain
[b] Switzerland
[c] France
[d] Belgium

12. What is the effect of deficit financing on economy?

[a] inflation
[b] Deflation
[c] Depression
[d] Recession

13. The earliest example of a land grant is provided by an inscription of

[a] the Guptas
[b] the Mauryas
[c] the Satavahanas
[d] the Mahameghavahanai

14. Kasargode district was formed in .......

[a] 1994
[b] 1984
[c] 1970
[d] 1990

15. The code name given to India’s first atomic Explosion at Pokhran in 1974 is

[a] Buddhan Chirikkunnu
[b] Fatman
[c] Little boy
[d] Operation Sakhthi

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