Kerala PSC : Expected Question for University Assistant Exam - 35

1. Pick out the correct choices to fill the blanks: Add an initial letter to the word ‘arrow’ to get the meaning ‘to distress’.

[a] C
[b] T
[c] H
[d] W

2. Y2K is a............

[a] computer bug
[b] operating system
[c] search engine
[d] None of these

3. Left arm slow bowler Iqbal Abdulla of ––––––– has won the 2011 ‘Citi Bank Rising Star Award’?

[a] Kolkata Knight Riders
[b] Royal Challengers
[c] Chennai Super Kings
[d] Deccan Charges

4. Use suitable alternative: His speech was _____ too long.

[a] many
[b] much
[c] some
[d] any

5. Equality before law means

[a] trial of officials and private citizens by same courts
[b] subjection of all classes to ordinary law
[c] absence of social privileges in favour of any individed
[d] all of the above

6. Jwala Gutta and V.Diju of India are related to which among the following sports / games?

[a] Table Tennis
[b] Lawn Tennis
[c] Badminton
[d] Athletics

7. What is the name given to the wave motion of small intestine?

[a] Peristalsis
[b] Nastic movement
[c] Pericardium
[d] Tropic movement

8. Mettur Dam in Tamil Nadu is in ––––––– river.

[a] Godavari
[b] Kaveri
[c] Tamrapani
[d] Amaravathi

9. Who presented the vowels in an alphabet for the first time?

[a] Greece
[b] Rome
[c] Egypt
[d] Mesopotomia

10. Which among the following is not correctly paired ?

[a] Bana-Harshavardhana
[b] Gita Govinda -Tulsidas
[c] Megasthenes -Seleucus
[d] Pushyamitra -Sunga dynasty

11. Qutab-ud-din Aibak started the construction of Qutub Minar in Delhi in memory of the -------

[a] Muhammed Ghori
[b] Quaja Qutub-ud-din Bhaktiar Kaki
[c] Hasan Nizam
[d] Aram Shah

12. Polio affected

[a] Spleen
[b] Brain
[c] Throat
[d] Central nervous system

13. National Productivity council was set up in

[a] 1947
[b] 1950
[c] 1958
[d] 1960

14. Spot the correctly spelt word:

[a] coleagu
[b] colleagu
[c] coleague
[d] colleague

15. Choose the correct sentence:

[a] The committee are in session.
[b] The committee is in session.
[c] The committee were in session.
[d] The committee to be in session.

16. Washing soda is the common name for

[a] Calcium carbonate
[b] Calcium bicarbonate
[c] Sodium carbonate
[d] Sodium bicarbonate

17. Who amongst the following rulers assumed the title of ‘Paramanka?

[a] Ajatashatru
[b] Harshavardhana
[c] Chandragupta
[d] Samudragupta

18. A man walks 30 metres towards South. Then turning to his right he walks 30 metres. Then turn to his left and walks 20 metres. Again take a turn to his left and walks 30 metres. How far is he from his initial position?

[a] 20 metres
[b] 50 metres
[c] 60 metres
[d] 80 metres

19. Who has been conferred with the ‘Orders of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Star” award?

[a] R.K.Pachauri
[b] R.B.Chaudhari
[c] G.M.Rao
[d] None of these

20. Akbar abolished Jaziya in

[a] 1405 A.D
[b] 1735 A.D
[c] 1576 A.D
[d] 1305 A.D

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