Kerala PSC - Model Question (Computer Assistant, Various Universities) - 2
Kerala PSC - Model Question (Computer Assistant, Various Universities) - 2, Computer Quiz, Computer Mock Test, Kerala PSC Computer Questions

1. The minimum number of rows and columns in MS Word documents is

[a] 1&1
[b] 1&2
[c] 2&1
[d] 2&2

2. A character that is raised in word document smaller above the baseline is known as_____

[a] Subscript
[b] Cap-Script
[c] Out-Script
[d] Superscript

3. The menu in MSWord can be used to change character size and typeface

[a] Edit
[b] Tool
[c] Format
[d] View

4. The key used to start a new paragraph in word is

[a] Enter
[b] Control + Enter
[c] Shift + Enter
[d] Alt + Enter

5. The graphics used in MS word are

[a] Pictures
[b] Clip Art
[c] Word Art
[d] All of the above

6. File extension of Word-2003 & word-2007

[a] *.doc & *.dox
[b] *.dox & *.doc
[c] *.doc & *.doxc
[d] *.doc & *.docx

7. Ctl + W short cut is used for

[a] Opening current window
[b] Printing current document
[c] Closing current window
[d] Hiding the current window

8. The default and maximum number of lines in drop-Cap is

[a] 13 & 10
[b] 3 & 10
[c] 4 & 8
[d] 7 & 12

9. A bookmark is an item or location in document used for

[a] Mark the ending of a page document
[b] Add hyperlinks in a web page
[c] Jump to a specific location in the document
[d] Easy access to web page

10. Macros are used for

[a] to customize MS-Word
[b] to automate repetitive tasks by using VBA
[c] mail merge
[d] Small add-on programs

11. The vertical separation between columns are called

[a] Margins
[b] Gutter
[c] Index
[d] Orientation

12. Landscape is ______

[a] Print layout
[b] Page orientation
[c] Paper orientation
[d] Paper layout

13. Which indent is not available on ruler

[a] Left
[b] Right
[c] Centre
[d] Tab

14. How many ways we can save a document

[a] Four
[b] Three
[c] Five
[d] Two

15. The background effects applied on a document is not visible in

[a] Web Preview
[b] Print Layout
[c] Web Layout
[d] Print Preview

16. The borders can be applied to

[a] Paragraph
[b] Text
[c] Cell
[d] All of the above

17. The gutter margin is added to the

[a] Binding side of page when printing
[b] Left margin when printing
[c] right margin when printing
[d] outside of the page when printing

18. The smallest and largest font size available are

[a] 7 and 62
[b] 8 and 72
[c] 7 and 72
[d] 8 and 62

19. By pressing F12, ____ dialog box will open

[a] Save as
[b] Save
[c] Open
[d] Close

20. How MS Word will respond in repeated word

[a] Blue wavy line under the repeated word
[b] Red wavy line under the repeated word
[c] Green wavy line under the repeated word
[d] None of the above

21. The shortcut key to align centre

[a] Ctrl + D
[b] Ctrl + F
[c] Ctrl + E
[d] Ctrl + C

22. In Word, the mailing list is known as

[a] Datasheet
[b] Mail Merge
[c] Data source
[d] None of the above

23. Default font of Word-2003

[a] Trebuchet
[b] Times New Roman
[c] Bookman Old Style
[d] Arial

24. Format Painter option is available on _____ toolbar

[a] Standard
[b] Formatting
[c] Picture
[d] Drawing

25. Superscript, subscript, outline, emboss, engrave are known as

[a] Word effect
[b] Text effect
[c] Clip art effect
[d] Font effect

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