Kerala PSC - Important and Repeated General Science Questions - 03

Kerala PSC - Important and Repeated General Science Questions - 03
This questions are useful for any competitive exam in Kerala Public Service Commission and all other state related exams. Try to learn by clicking the answer button. If you already know the answer then well and good, and if you don't known you will learn new Thing. Hope everyone will like this

1. Optic fibres are mainly used for which of the following ?

[a] Communication
[b] Weaving
[c] Musical instruments
[d] Food industry

2. Who invented Bakelite?

[a] Charles Goodyear
[b] Leo Hendrik Baekeland
[c] Roy Plunkett
[d] Henry Ford

3. Rocket engine works on the principle of

[a] Newtons third law
[b] Newtons first law
[c] Newtons second law
[d] None of these.

4. Cyrogenic engines find application in

[a] Rocket technology
[b] Frost free refrigerators
[c] Sub-marine propulsion
[d] researches in superconductivity

5. The best and the poorest conductors of heat are respectively

[a] Silver(AG) and lead(PB)
[b] Copper(CU)andaluminium(AL)
[c] Silver(AG)andgold(AU)
[d] Copper(CU)andgold(AU)

6. What is the main component of biogas and natural gas?

[a] Ethane
[b] Methane
[c] Propane
[d] Butane

7. Who of the following recognized that large quantity of energy is released as a results of the fusion of hydrogen nuclei to form deuterium?

[a] Enrico Fermi
[b] Glenn Seaborg
[c] Hans Bethe
[d] Werner Heisenberg

8. The phenomenon of total internal reflection is observed in which one of the following?

[a] Glowing tube light
[b] Light passing through lens
[c] Sparkling diamond
[d] Twinkling star.

9. Through which one among the following materials does sound travel slowest?

[a] Air
[b] Glass
[c] Water
[d] Wood

10. Which one of the following is printed on a commonly used fluorescent tube light?

[a] 220 K
[b] 273 K
[c] 65000 K
[d] 9000 K

11. On a clean glass plate a drop of water spreads to form a thin layer whereas a drop of mercury remains almost spherical because

[a] mercury is a metal
[b] density of mercury is greater than that of water
[c] cohesion of mercury is greater than its adhesion with glass
[d] cohesion of water is greater than its adhesion with glass

12. Suitable impurities are added to a semiconductor depending on its use. This is done in order to

[a] increase its life
[b] enable it to withstand higher voltages
[c] increase its electrical conductivity
[d] increase its electrical resistivity

13. Stars twinkle because

[a] the intensity of light emitted by them changes with time
[b] the distance of the stars from the earth changes with time
[c] the refractive index of the different layers of the earth’s atmosphere changes continuously, consequently the position of the image of a start changes with time
[d] the light from the star is scattered by the dust particles and air molecules in the earth’s atmosphere

14. It takes much longer to cook food in the hills than in the plains, because

[a] in the hills the atmospheric pressure is lower than that in the plains and therefore water boils at a temperature lower than 100oC causing an increase in cooking time
[b] due to low atmospheric pressure on the hills, the water boils at a temperature higher than 100oC and therefore water takes longer to boil
[c] in the hills the atmospheric density is low and therefore a lot of heat is lost to the atmosphere
[d] in the hills the humidity is high and therefore a lot of heat is absorbed by the atmosphere leaving very little heat for cooking

15. Moment of inertia is

[a] vector
[b] scalar
[c] phasor
[d] tensor

16. Of the following natural phenomena, tell which one known in Sanskrit as ‘deer’s thirst’?

[a] Rainbow
[b] Earthshine
[c] Halo
[d] Mirage

17. Inside an aeroplane, flying at a high altitude,

[a] the pressure is the same as that outside
[b] normal atmospheric pressure is maintained by the use of air pumps
[c] the pressure inside is less than the pressure outside
[d] normal humidity and partial vacuum are maintained

18. Sound travels with a different speed in medi[a] In what order does the velocity of sound increase in these media?

[a] Water, iron and air
[b] Iron, air and water
[c] Air, water and iron
[d] Iron, water and air

19. Who is the father of botany ?

[a] Thiyofrests
[b] Krasteshians
[c] Warne Liniys
[d] Travirens

20. Sound travels at the fastest speed in

[a] steel
[b] water
[c] air
[d] vacuum

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