Kerala PSC - Facts about Renaissance of Kerala - 05

1. What is the present day name of Aykudi?

2. Which port was the administrative capital of the Ay Kingdom?

3. Which Ay King issued Paliyam copper plates?

4. Who was known as the 'Asoka of Kerala'?

5. Antiran, Titiyan and Atiyan were the prominent ruler of the kingdom of

6. Which Ay King was the contemporary of Poets Kapilar and Parnar?

7. Which Ay Kind is considered as the founder of Kandalur Salai?

8. Which was the period of Vikramaditya Varaguna's rule?

9. In which year was Paliyam Copper Plates issued?

10. Which is considered as the first historical work of a Keralite?

11. Which work of Kalidasa mentions Kerala Often?

12. Which Chera King was the author of the Sanskrit dramas such as Thapathisamvaranam and Subhadradhananjayam?

13. Melputhur Narayana Bhattathiri was the court poet of which ruler?

14. 'Gosreenagaravarnnana', authored by Melputhur is about which place?

15. Who was the court poet of Marthanda Varma?