Kerala PSC - Facts about Renaissance of Kerala - 01

Kerala PSC - Facts about Renaissance of Kerala - 01

1. Which is the earliest written record mentioning Kerala ?

2. Name the ancient emperor, who in his 3rd century rock inscription mentions kerala as 'keralaputra'?

3. Which dynasty was the rulers of Kerala during first century BC, who traded with the Greeks, Romans and Arabs?

4. Which place in Kerala is mentioned by Megasthanes in his work Indica as 'Automela'?

5. Who is the author of 'Naturalis Historia?

6. Which was India's First port of importance?

7. In which year was Kodungallur fort ravaged due to flood in the Periyar?

8. 'Puthuvaip Samvat' started in the year?

9. Which Greek navigator is credited with finding the direction of South-West Monsoon in 45 AD?

10. What is the present name of the city earlier known in the names Muziris and Mahodayapuram?

11. According to the Christian Belief, in which place did Thomas the Apostle arrive in the middle of the first century?

12. Which is the oldest mosque in India?

13. According to the traditions, who built the Cheraman Juma Masjid in 629 AD?

14. Which prominent spice of Kerala is also known as 'Black Gold'?

15. Which Kerala river is mentioned in Choorni in Chanakya's Arthashastra?

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