Kerala PSC Expected and Repeated Questions - 01
Dear Kerala PSC Aspirants, Below are Expected and Repeated Questions - 01 asked frequently in Kerala PSC Exams, by which you can get a fair idea about type of Questions which are asked and It hope this will help you in your upcoming Exams. Best of Luck

1. First United Nation Deputy Secretary General?

2. First Asian to head the Prestigious Trinity College of Cambridge University?

3. First Goodwill Games were held at?

4. First Heart Bypass Operation by a Robot was carried out in?

5. First South Asian to receive the World Statesman Award?

6. First Physically Disabled Person to climb Mount Everest?

7. First Bowler to claim a hatrick in successive Tests?

8. First Rocket to aunched into space from a Sea Platform ?

9. First Ethnic Indian Prime Minister of Fiji?

10. First person to have a longest stay atop Mount Everest?

11. World's first cloned Human Baby?

12. First Russian Prime Minister to visit India ?

13. First women Cosmonaut in space?

14. First women to climb Mount Everest?

15. First women Prime Minister of a country?

16. First women Prime Minister of a country?

17. First women in the world to cross the Strait of Gibralter?

18. World's first Radio Telescope Satellite was launched into space by?

19. First Lamb created using DNA from an Adult sheep?

20. First Asian to head the International Cricket Council?

21. First country to loose the right of aid from the IMF (International Monetary Fund) ?