Solved Question Paper - Lab Tech Assistant - Maintenance & Repairs of Two Wheelers (Part III)

Solved Question Paper - Lab Tech Assistant - Maintenance & Repairs of Two Wheelers (Part III)
Kerala PSC Solved Question Paper Lab Tech. Assistant - maintenance & Repairs of Two Wheelers, Exam held on 15 Dec 2015 (Paper Code A)

51. The needle valve of carburettor is closed and opened by:

(a) air jet
(b) main petrol jet
(c) throttle valve
(d) float

52. Which of the following is a temporary fastening method?

(a) screwed jointing
(b) rivetting
(c) welding
(d) brazing

53. Anealing is a heat treatment process to :

(a) Soften the steel
(b) Harden the core of steel
(c) Harden the surface of steel
(d) Temper the steel

54. The tool which is used to remove broken stud from threaded hole is:

(a) stud remover
(b) welding holder
(c) welding holder
(d) drift

55. One atmospheric pressure is equal to:

(a) 1 bar
(b) 105 bar
(c) 760 mm of H2O
(d) 1.01325 bar

56. Which of the following is not a unit of work?

(a) Newton metre/second
(b) Newton metre
(c) Joule
(d) Erg

57. The quantity of heat required to raise a unit mass of substance through a unit raise in temperature is called:

(a) specific heat
(b) latent heat
(c) sensible heat
(d) calorific value

58. Which of the following is a cold starting device used in diesel engine?

(a) choke valve
(b) cooling coil
(c) priming pump
(d) glow plug

59. In battery less conventional ignition system, the current generates and supplies for the primary winding of ignition system by:

(a) Alternator
(b) Magneto
(c) Dynamo
(d) Solenoid

60. How many high tension leads are there in a distributor cap for a twin cylinder four stroke engine with a spark plug in each cylinder?

(a) 1
(b) 2
(c) 4
(d) 3

61. Which of the following is not a cause for diesel engine does not start?
(a) air in the fuel system
(b) blocked or clogged fuel filter or fuel lines
(c) small leakage in diesel tank
(d) none of the above

62. Accelerator linkage of a petrol engine using carburettor is connected to:

(a) choke valve
(b) air cleaner
(c) throttle valve
(d) mainfold

63. Which of the following two wheeler using DTSi engine?

(a) Honda eterno
(b) Bajaj pulsar - 180
(c) TVS Star City ES
(d) TVS Star Sports

64. The condenser used in battery coil ignition circuit is connected:

(a) Parallel to CB points
(b) series to CB Points
(c) either series or parallel to CB points
(d) none of the above

65. Which of the following is not an advantage of two stroke engine compared to four stroke engine of same size?

(a) lighter in weight
(b) higher volumetric efficiency
(c) more power is produced
(d) none of the above

66. Which of the following material can be used for making contact points on the rotor of distributor?

(a) Porcelain
(b) Bakelite
(c) Alumina
(d) Nickel

67. Which of the following is not a cause for decrease in mileage of a two wheeler?

(a) under inflated tyres
(b) choke valve remains open during driving
(c) speedy driving beyond economic speed
(d) none of the above

68. The degree of variation of viscosity of a liquid with temperature is termed as: (a) Kinematic viscosity (b) Absolute viscosity (c) viscosity index (d) All of the above

69. Which type of fuel supply system is commonly used in motor cycle?

(a) Gravity System
(b) Pressure System
(c) Vacuum System
(d) Pump System

70. The CB point gap is in the range of:

(a) 0.35 mm to 0.45 mm
(b) 0.35 cm to 0.45 cm
(c) 0.30 cm to 0.40 cm
(d) 1 mm to 1.35 mm

71. The component of battery coil ignition system which helps to avoid spark between CB point is:

(a) Ballast resistor
(b) Condensor
(c) Rotor
(d) Spark plug

72. Which of the following is not a cause for the vehicle will not take speed according to pressing of accelerator pedal?

(a) clutch slipping
(b) Brake binding
(c) Excessively worn out clutch plate
(d) None of the above

73. One horse power is equal to:

(a) 700 Watt
(b) 635.5 Watt
(c) 716.5 Watt
(d) 735.5 Watt

74. Bronze is an alloy of:

(a) Copper and Zinc
(b) Copper and Lead
(c) Copper and Tin
(d) Copper, Zinc and Tin

75. What is the advantage of using radiator pressure cap?

(a) increase the boiling point of water
(b) reduce coolant lose
(c) maintain the system at a pressure higher than atmosphere
(d) all of the above

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