Solved Paper Higher Secondary School Teacher Political Science (14 Dec 2015)

51. Which one of the following is an essential pre-requisite for constitutionalism?

(a) Umited Government
(b) Division of Powers
(c) Guarantee of Fundamental Rights
(d) A Written Constitution

52. The input-output approach was developed by

(a) Gabriel A. Almond
(b) Robert A. Dahl
(c) David Easton
(d) Talcott Parson

53. The scope of comparative politics include the study of

(a) Formal structures and their functions
(b) Political processes
(c) Extra constitutional agencies
(d) All of the above

54. The national Parliamentary body of China is known as

(a) People's Assembly
(b) National People's Congress
(c) Supreme Soviet
(d) State Council

55. Structural-functionalism is primarily

(a) A tool of analysis
(b) An explanation for existence of state
(c) An ideology of development
(d) A measurement for comparison

56. The Canadian Federal system differs essentially from the American system as it provides

(a) Strong States
(b) Strong Centre
(c) neither weak nor a very strong centre
(d) Neither weak nor a very strong state

57. "The Supreme Court of America is the third house of the legislature' (Laski). Which is that power that makes the Supreme Court the third Chamber of the legislature?

(a) Original Jurisdiction
(b) Appellate Jurisdiction
(c) Advisory Jurisdiction
(d) Judicial Review

58. The most powerful legislature in the world is the

(a) Indian Parliament
(b) Swiss Legislature
(c) U.S. Congress
(d) British Parliament

59. Which school of though believed that capital formation was the basic feature of development?

(a) Neo-Marxian Theory
(b) Neo-Liberal Theory
(c) Economic Maturity Theory
(d) Classical Theory

60. Most favored technique of Pressure groups in the USA is

(a) Boycott and Picketing
(b) Lobbying
(c) Peaceful Agitations
(d) Total Strike

61. The scope of public administration

(a) Depends on the values of the political framework
(b) Depends on the goals of the framework
(c) Depends on the values and goals of the framework
(d) Remains narrow

62. The emergence of 'New Public Administration' is associated with

(a) Minnow Brook Conference
(b) American Society of Public Administration
(c) Comparative Administration Group
(d) Scientific Management Association

63. Development Administration is related to

(a) Goal-oriented administrative system
(b) Action oriented administrative system
(c) Both(1) and (2)
(d) System oriented administrative system

64. The first coherent theory of organization is known as

(a) Bureaucratic Theory
(b) Scientific Management
(c) Human Relations Theory
(d) Classical Theory

65. The term scientific management was used for the first time by

(a) F.W. Taylor
(b) Max Weber
(c) Louis Brandies
(d) Elton Mayo

66. The term 'Representative Bureaucracy' has been coined by

(a) martin Albraw
(b) Max Webber
(c) Karl Marx
(d) Donald Kingsley

67. Perspective planning refers to the formulation of

(a) Long term plans
(b) Short term plans
(c) five year plans
(d) Medium range plans

68. The reforms in the monetary and banking policies of the country are called

(a) Budgetary Reforms
(b) Administrative Reforms
(c) Banking Reforms
(d) Financial Reforms

69. Herbert Simon's Model of decision making is known as

(a) Disjointed Incrementalism
(b) Mixed Scanning
(c) Behavior Alternative
(d) Policy Science

70. Big Democracy is the work of

(a) P.H. Appleby
(b) D. Waldo
(c) H.A. Simon
(d) Elton Mayo

71. Who among the following theorists is associated with neo-realism in international politics?

(a) Hans Morgenthau
(b) Kenneth Waltz
(c) John Ruggie
(d) Barry Buzan

72. The 'authoritative allocation of values' was a concept given by

(a) Almond and Powell
(b) Lass Well
(c) David Easton
(d) Talcott Parson

73. The most important factor responsible for the globalization taking place is

(a) Economic liberalization
(b) Political Liberalization
(c) Trade Liberalization
(d) Technological change brought about by relentless economic competition

74. The military alliances are formed on the basic concept of

(a) Co-operative security
(b) Collective security
(c) Comprehensive Security
(d) Collective defense

75. Which one of the following non-governmental organizations is exclusively involved in human rights advocacy?

(a) Oxfam
(b) Caritas
(c) ford Foundation
(d) Amnesty International

76. Which one of the following statement is not correct?

(a) Diplomats now get greater latitude than they enjoyed in 19th century
(b) Diplomacy is an instrument of foreign policy
(c) Diplomats do not play now as great a role in international negotiations as they once did
(d) Major international agreements are usually negotiated by foreign ministers

77. 'Agenda for peace' proposal is associated with

(a) Commonwealth of Nations
(b) league of Nations
(c) United Nations
(d) India

78. Which one of the following factors influenced the foreign policy of India?

(a) Geographical location of the country
(b) Plural character of the Indian society
(c) International environments
(d) All the above

79. Which one of the following has been main irritant in the relations between India and Pakistan in recent years?

(a) Kashmir Issue
(b) Growing intimacy between USA and Pakistan
(c) Growing intimacy between China and Pakistan
(d) Cross border terrorism

80. Which one of the following is the easiest method for the peaceful settlement of disputes between two states?

(a) Negotiations
(b) Good Offices
(c) Mediation
(d) Enquiry

81. The type of variable that link a cause-and-effect relationship are called (a) intervening variables (b) Independent variables (c) Dependent variables (d) Extraneous variables

82. Which of the following statements is correct?

(a) The objectives should be stated only in a statement form
(b) The objectives should be state only in question form
(c) The objectives can be stated either in the form of a statement or in a question form
(d) None of the above

83. Variables of study are selected during

(a) Data collection
(b) sample selection
(c) Stating the hypothesis
(d) Scientific definition of the problem

84. An operational definition of a term used in the title of a research problem refers to

(a) A definition quoted in glossaries or dictionaries
(b) A most acceptable definition of the term
(c) A comprehensive definition of the term
(d) A definition that gives meaning the term and helps into quantification

85. 'Summary of the Literature' is

(a) A Bibliography
(b) A description of the significant findings from each relevant reference that the researcher searched
(c) A description of the main findings that are organized around main themes that emerge from literature search
(d) None of the above

86. The term 'Action Research' was coined by

(a) Corey
(b) Travers
(c) Dewey
(d) Lehmann

87. The best method of sampling whenever the population is homogeneous is

(a) Stratified
(b) Purposive
(c) Random
(d) Incidental

88. Sampling refers to

(a) Selecting small portion of a universe
(b) Selecting a large population of a universe
(c) Selecting a representative portion of a population
(d) selecting small portion of a population

89. Which of the following statements is incorrect?

(a) Interview schedule is a research tool
(b) If the study population is illiterate, data collection using questionnaire is appropriate
(c) Both (1) and (2)
(d) Neither (1) and (2)

90. SPSS stands for

(a) Statistical Package for the social sciences
(b) Software package for Social sciences
(c) Social progress and Social sciences
(d) None of the above

91. To pretend, I actually do the thing: I have therefore only pretended to pretend.

(a) Jacques Derrida
(b) Ernest Hass
(c) E.H. Carr
(d) Quincy Wright

92. The 20th century totalitarianism represents an onion like structure. This statement is attributed to

(a) Karl Popper
(b) Raymond Aron
(c) Hannah Arendt
(d) K.J. Holsti

93. Who described bureaucracy as a continental nuisance?

(a) R.K. Merton
(b) max Weber
(c) Thomas Cartyle
(d) M. Crozier

94. Which is the 'cleft country' according to Samuel P. Huntington in clashes of civilization?

(a) India
(b) South Africa
(c) Romania
(d) Uganda

95. Who developed the concept social constructivism?

(a) R Young
(b) Lev Vygotsky
(c) Samuel P Huntington
(d) E.H. Carr

96. _____ is a critical outlook concerned with the relationship between text and meaning.

(a) Deconstruction
(b) Post Humanism
(c) Post Structuralism
(d) Social Constructivism

97. Rawl's principle of distributive justice is based on the notion of

(a) Desert
(b) Difference Principle
(c) Equality
(d) Entitlement

98. The thinker who has been characterized as a 'reluctant democrat' is

(a) J. Bentham
(b) E. Burke
(c) T.H. Green
(d) J.S. Mill

99. Who among the following has described the world wide triumph of liberal democracy as the 'end of history'

(a) Samir Amin
(b) David Held
(c) Francis Fukuyama
(d) Samuel P. Huntington

100. The concept of Social Capital has been put forward by _____.

(a) Samuel P. Huntington
(b) Robert Putnam
(c) V.S. Naipaul
(d) Bill Gate

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