Kerala PSC Geography Question and Answers - 3

1. Which is the mountain range that starting from the Tapti river in the North to Kanyakumari in the south?

2. In which mountain range Mahendragiri locates?

3. Which hill station in India is known as 'Valley of Gods'?

4. In which hill station in India the three rivers like Mudrapuzha, Nallathunni and Kundala converge together?

5. Where is Dal Lake locates?

6. Which hill resort being referred to as the paradise of Rajasthan?

7. In which mountain range the Mount Abu situates?

8. What is the other name given to Ooty (Ootacamund) the Queen of the Hill stations?

9. Kamet is the second highest mountain peak in Garhwal Himalayas. In which state it locates?

10. The average elevation of the Malwa plateau is ____ metres

11. Which is the river that drained most of the Malwa plateau?

12. In which plateau region where the Hazaribagh town locates?

13. What is the previous name of Sohra?

14. In which Eastern Hills the Mawsynram situates?

15. Where is the capital of the state Jharkhand?

16. Which is the Indian state where Kohima is its Capital?

17. Which Indian state shares its boundaries which most states?

18. Which is the division of North Indian Plain made by the deposition of alluvium by the rivers Luni and Saraswathi?

19. In which Indian state the Chilka Lake locates?

20. Western coastal plain of India can be classified into three. Name the north most sub-division of it?

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