Kerala PSC General Knowledge Question and Answers - 3

1. Which fruit is alos known as 'Persian Apple'?

2. What is the name of the digital money for internet based business?

3. Refugee problem in regard to which country is 'Boat People Problem'?

4. Who is known as 'the World's first back pack journalist'?

5. What is the commercial unit of electrical energy?

6. What is the frequency of Alternating Current (AC) used in India?

7. Antipyrectics are the medicines used to lower_____?

8. Which chemical present in cigarette smoke causes cancer?

9. Which disease is caused by an extra copy of chromosome number-21?

10. In India, National Press Day is observed on

11. Who was the first ruler in history to advocate conservation measures for wildlife protection?

12. Who was the first winner of the Indira Gandhi Award for Natonal integration?

13. Which country has the nickname of 'the Warm Heart of Africa'?

14. Which Chola king was murdered by the rebellious mob?

15. Who described Gandhiji as a 'Good Little Man'?

16. What is the typically used frequency of dial tone in a telephone?

17. Which chemica is also known in the names 'Pearl Ash and Salt Wormwood'?

18. Which compound is formed when benzene reacts with propene?

19. Which region of the Earth experiences maximum chemical weathering?

20. Which is the longest continously operating hotel in Asia?

21. In which financial year was the Railway finances seperated from general finances?

22. Which Indian state has the largest number of factories?

23. What is known as the most promising non-conventional energy source?

24. Who stated that 'Indian farmer is born in debt, live in debt and dies in debt'?

25. Where is the Central Agmark Laboratory is situated?

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