Kerala PSC - Model Questions English - 54
I first met him ___ year ago.
[a] an
[b] a
[c] the
[d] none of these
Normally, a word beginning with a consonant has a consonantal sound. But there are a number of words which have consonantal sounds, even though they begin with vowel or semi vowel letters. In such case 'a' should be used before them.
Hari along with his friends ___ preparing for Civil Service Examination.
[a] are
[b] is
[c] were
[d] was
Of two nouns or pronouns joined with 'along with' then the verb is according to the first subject.
I ___ be ten on my next birthday.
[a] shall
[b] will
[c] am
[d] have
Shall is used with first person (I, we)
I have got ___ books.
[a] few
[b] a few
[c] little
[d] a little
A few means 'some'. It is used with countable nouns.
My aunt is elder ___ than my uncle.
[a] than
[b] of
[c] to
[d] none of these
With the words like elder, latter, utter etc. use 'to' not 'than'
She writes poems - the passive form is:
[a] poem is written by her
[b] poems are written by her
[c] poems have written by her
[d] poems were written by her
In passive voice object becomes the subject and the subject becomes the object.
In passive voice the structure is Is/am/are + past participle.
I have been searching for a job ___ 2000.
[a] for
[b] since
[c] in
[d] after
Since is used before a point of time and it is preceded by a verb in the perfect tense.
Work hard, Lest you ___ fail.
[a] should
[b] shall
[c] must
[d] might
'lest' is followed by should it is negative do not used another negative witht it.
It is time we ___ with determination.
[a] act
[b] acted
[c] have acted
[d] will act
'It is time' - the structure uses a past tense form. So acted will be used.
They needn't worry ___?
[a] Isn't it
[b] doesn't it
[c] don't it
[d] need they
In a negative sentence the question tag is positive.
If she ___ a bird, she would fly
[a] is
[b] are
[c] were
[d] was
The sentence is in subjective mood beginning with the if clause, the verbs will be in past tense and plural.
A dog live in a ____
[a] burrow
[b] stable
[c] Coop
[d] kennel
Kennel - shelter of dog
Burrow - house of rabbit
Coop - Poultry Stable - Horse
He is always angry ___ his children
[a] with
[b] on
[c] at
[d] over
Angry 'with' persons and angry 'at' things is the prepositions.
___ you hear the Minister's speech?
[a] Have
[b] has
[c] had
[d] did
Did will be used. The structure of an interrogative sentence in past simple is did + subject + verb + object.
They have lost ____ of their contacts.
[a] many
[b] little
[c] much
[d] small
'Many' is used with count able nouns.
"I shall go tommorrow", he said. Change into indirect speech.
[a] He said that he would go the next day
[b] He said that he shall go the next day
[c] He said that she should go tommorrow
[d] He said that he would go tommorrow
Simple present becomes simple past. With third person 'he' 'would' is using.
Synonym of 'Eternal'
[a] Temporary
[b] Short Term
[c] Time being
[d] Forever
Eternal - Continuing forever
Antonym of 'animosity'
[a] Love
[b] Lust
[c] Luck
[d] Loss
Animosity is hostility. So love is the antonym
Inability to sleep
[a] Hysteria
[b] Insomnia
[c] Aphasia
[d] Amnesia
Hysteria - extreme excitement
Insomnia - Condition of being unalbe to sleep
Aphasia - loss of the ability to understand because of brain damage
Amnesia - a medical condition in which somebody partly or completely losses his memory.
He died in harness
[a] Ceased to live
[b] died of a disease
[c] died for his country
[d] died while working
Died in harness - died while in service.