Kerala PSC GK | Facts About Kerala - 09

Kerala PSC GK | Facts About Kerala - 09

1.Who was the first finance minister of Kerala? - C Achuthamenon
2.Who was the first secretary of the Kerala Pradesh Congress Committee formed in 1920? - K Madhavan Nair
3.Who was the only member in the first EMS ministry who had previous experience as minister? - Dr AR Menon
4.Who was the first Food minister of Kerala? - KC George
5.The river which is known as ‘Dakshina Bhagirathi’: - Pamba
6.In which district is Malampuzha dam? - Palakkad
7.In which district is Moozhiyar dam and Kakki dam? - Pathanamthitta
8.In which district is Patrakkadavu project? - Palakkad
9.In which district, Sasthamkotta the largest fresh water lake in Kerala is situated? - Kollam
10.In which river Chenkulam hydel project is built? - Muthirappuzh
11.Kalpathy Shiva temple famous for car festival is in the district of: - Palakkad
12.Mamankom was held on the banks of the river:- Bharatappuzha
13.The dam which is constructed with assistance of Canada:- Idukky dam
14.The district in which the highest peak in Kerala issituated:- Idukky
15.The number of rivers in Kerala:- 44
16.The place which is the venue of the largest Hindu religious conference in Kerala:- Cherukolppuzha
17.The river flows through silent valley:- Kunthippuzha
18.The river related to Pathrakkadavu project:- Kunthippuzha
19.‘Panthrandu Vilakk’ is the festival of:- Oachira
20.Periyar rises from:- Sivagiri hills
21.The annual festival of which temple is known as ‘Bharani’? - Kodungallur
22.The annual festival of which temple is known as ‘Ekadasi’? - Guruvayur
23.The city of Kasargod is near to the river of:- Chandragiri
24.Which river was known as ‘Baris’ in ancient times? - Pamba
25.Which river was known as ‘Choorni’ in ancient times? - Periyar
26.Who introduced Education Bill in Kerala legisla-tive assembly ? - Joseph Mundassery
27.Who was in charge of Home department in thebeginning of the first EMS ministry? - EMS
28.Who was in charge of Home department in the end of the first EMS ministry? - C Achuthamenon
29.In which district is Mullaperiyar dam? - Idukky
30.In which district of Pazhassi dam? - Kannur
31.In which river is Banasurasagar Dam? - Kabani
32.In which river is Peppara Dam? - Karamana
33.In which river is Sabarigiri Project? - Pamba
34.Kallada, the largest irrigation project is in the district of:- Kollam
35.Kuruva island is in the river:- Kabani
36.Navamukunda Temple is situated in the district of:- Malappuram
37.‘Ormayude Arakal’ is the autobiography of:- Vaikom Muhammad Basheer
38.Ponmudi Dam is in the river:- Periyar
39.Sabarimala temple is in the district of:- Pathanamthitta
40.I n which river is Athirappally waterfalls? - Chalakkudy
41.In which river the Dharmadom island is situated? - Anchrakkandy
42.In which river the largest number of power projects are established? - Periyar
43.introduced Land Reforms Bill in Kerala legisla- tive assembly ? - KR Gowri
44.Kalady and Aluva are on the banks of: - Periyar
45.The dam situated between Kuravan and Kurathi hills:- Idukky
46.The disrtict with the longest coastline: - Kannur
47. The district in Kerala which has the largest number of villages:- Palakkad
48.The district with the largest number of rivers flowing: - Kasargod
49.The festival ‘Ashtami’ is related to the temple of:- Vaikom
50.The festival of ____ temple is known as ‘Aarat’? - Padamabhaswamy Temple

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