1. The idea of Parliamentary privileges has been copied from:

2. The idea of placing the residuary powers with the centre was influenced by the Constitution of:

3. The idea of post of Vice President has been copied from:

4. The idea of prerogative writs has been copied from:

5. The idea of President as the nominal head of the state has been copied from:

6. The idea of President is the supreme commander of the armed forces has been copied from:

7. The idea of Public Service Commission has been copied from:

8. The Indian state where President’s rule was imposed for the first time:

9. The law making procedure in India has been copied from:

10. The Legislative procedure has been copied from:

11. The member of the Constituent Assembly who made the remark that “The Preamble is the most precious part of the Constitution. It is the soul of the Constitution. It is the key to the Constitution”:

12. The method of election of president has been copied from:

13. The only Indian state that has its own constitution:

14. The ordinances issued by the President must be approved by the President within ___ weeks of the reassembly of Parliament:

15. The post of speaker of Lok Sabha has been copied from:

16. The system of Parliamentary Government has been copied from:

17. The system that the head of the state is a part of parliament has been copied from:

18. The tenure of member of Legislative Assembly is ____ years.

19. The tenure of the president of India is ____ years.-

20. Union Territory in South India to have Legislative Assembly:

21. What is referred to as an ‘epitome’ of the broad features of the Constitution?

22. What is regarded as the corner stone of modern democracy?

23. Which Article of the Constitution deals with special provisions regarding Jammu and Kashmir?

24. Which Article of the Constitution is related to ‘Abolition of untouchability’?

25. Which Article of the Constitution is related to ‘Equality of opportunity in matters of public employment’?