Kerala PSC - Model Questions English - 52

831. People in a riot:
[a] Congregation
[b] Crowd
[c] Rabble
[d] Mob

832. The antonym of ‘SIMILAR’:
[a] Familiar
[b] Unsimilar
[c] Dissimilar
[d] Insimilar

833. The meaning of the idiom ‘A jaundiced eye’:
[a] Jealousy
[b] Hatred
[c] Angry
[d] Prejudice

834. A dramatic performance:
[a] Mosque
[b] Mask
[c] Mascot
[d] Masque

835. As there was no choice, the enemy had to give _____.
[a] up
[b] back
[c] out
[d] in

836. Calcutta University is older than _____ universities in India.
[a] all other
[b] all the other
[c] all 
[d]  every other

837. His father was 60 when he ____
[a] died
[b] has died
[c] had died
[d] was dying

838. I suggest that the meeting ____ postponed.
[a] is
[b] would be
[c] be
[d]  are

839. The synonym of ‘ENMITY’:
[a] Angularity
[b] Oddity
[c] Eccentricity
[d] Hostility

840. Which part of the sentence has an error?
[a] I think/
[b] it shall /
[c] rain to night.
[d] No error

841. Don't count your chickens before they are _____.
[a] hatched
[b] grown up
[c] fried
[d] sold

842. It ____ rain today.
[a] may
[b] was
[c] do
[d] is

843. Of my three daughters she is ____.
[a] elder
[b] the eldest
[c] older
[d] oldest

844. ____ he invited me, I would have gone to the party.
[a] Although
[b] If
[c] Unless
[d] Had

845. If we provided better comforts, we _____ more tourists.
[a] attract
[b] could have attracted
[c] could attract
[d] attracted

846. Please explain ____  what you want.
[a] me
[b] to me
[c] in me
[d] with me

847. Which part of the sentence has an error?
[a] If I had known
[b] this yesterday
[c] I will have helped him. 
[d] No error

848. He said to Ahmed, “I’ll be late”. (Change to indirect)
[a] She said to Ahmed that I’ll be late.
[b] She told Ahmed that she will be late.
[c] She told Ahmed that she’d be late.
[d] She told Ahmed that she could be late.

849. What is the noun form of the word ‘Injure’?
[a] Injurious
[b] Injection
[c] Injunction
[d] Injury

850. One who suddenly risen to wealth and importance:
[a] Upstart
[b] Convalescent
[c] Dunce
[d] Vagabond

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