1. The Viceroy who followed ‘Forward Policy’?

2. “Merely a mutiny of soldiers, which took the shape of revolt of people in certain areas” Who said this about the Mutiny of 1857?

3. “The greatest son of India after Lord Buddha” who made this description about Gandhiji?

4. “The Indian Rebellion of 1857 was not one movement …. it was many” – The above statement has been made by?

5. The permission to mint and issue coins in India was first given to the British East India Company in?

6. The Peshwa who burnt the British residency at Pune?

7. The place that was selected by Gandhiji to break salt law?

8. The place where the first war of independence was led by Kunwar Singh?

9. The policy of ‘Masterly Inactivity’ is associated with the name of the Governor General?

10. The political guru of Gandhiji?

11. The political guru of K.Kamaraj?

12. The Poona Pact (1932) upheld?

13. The portfolio held by Dr.Rajendra Prasad in the interim government formed in 1946?

14. The Portugeuse East India Company was founded in?

15. The position of the Peshwas became hereditary during the reign of?

16. The post of the Secretaty of State for India was created in?

17. The president of the Swaraj Party was?

18. The princely states that did not sign the Instrument of Accession by 15th August 1947 were Kashmir, Hyderabad and _____?

19. The publication launched by Bal Gangadhar Tilak in Marathi language?

20. The publication launched by Barindrakumar Ghosh and Bhupendernath Dutt in 1906?