Kerala PSC GK | Facts About Kerala - 07

1. The first film society in Kerala:- Chitralekha
2. The first film to get the award of Govt. of Kerala for best film:- Kumarasambhavam
3. Which district has the least area under paddy cultivation? - Idukky
4. Which district in Kerala has the largest area under paddy cultivation? - Palakkad
5. Which vesha is usually used for female charecters in Kathakali? - Minukku
6. The first sponsored film in Malayalam:- Makalkku
7. Who established ‘Atmavidhyasangham’? - Vagbhatananda
8. Who started ‘Deshabhimani’ from Kollam in 1915, which published till 1930? - TK Madhavan
9. Who was known as Kerala Marx? - K Damodaran
10. Who was the first president of Nair service Society formed in 1914 as ‘Nair Bhrithyajana Sangham’? - K Kelappan
11. The Keralite who wrote a book on ‘Karl Marx’ in 1912? - K Ramakrishna Pillai
12. The king of Travancore who encouraged Tapioca cultivation:- Visakham Tirunal
13. The largest mural painting in Kerala:- Gajendramoksham
14. The mural painting ‘Aghoramoorthy’ can be seen at the temple of:- Ettumanoor
15. The slogan ‘American Model Arabikkadalil’ is related to:- Punnapra-Vayalar
16. The year of split in Communist Party:- 1964
17. The youngest Malayalam actress to get national award for best actress:- Monisha
18. What is called the ‘king of spices’? - Pepper
19. What is known as ‘queen of spices’? - Cardomom
20. What is known as the ‘grains of paradise’? - Cardomom
21. Who led Communist Party of India(Marxist) in Kerala after the split? - EMS
22. The first rubber park in Kerala:- Airapuram
23. Which is the cash crop cultivated in the largest area in Kerala? - Rubber
24. Gandhiji visited Kerala for the first time in:- 1920
25. Gandhiji visited Kerala for the last time in:- 1937
26. In which year ‘Abstention movement’ was started in Travancore? - 1932
27. Karivellur strike was in: - 1946
28. The film ‘Neythukaran’ depicts the life of:- EMS
29. The first digital film in Malayalam:- Moonnamathoral
30. In connection with which event, Gandhiji visited Kerala for the second time, in 1925? - Vaikom Satyagraha
31. In which date EMS ministry was dismissed? - 31st July,1959
32. In which date the first ministry came into power? - 5th April, 1957
33. In which district is Attappady tribal settlement? - Palakkad
34. In which district is Parassinikadavu snake park? - Kannur
35. India’s first gymnastic training centre was established in:- Thalassery
36. The smallest river in Kerala:- Mancheswaram
37. The southernmost river in India:- Neyyar
38. ‘The Vrindavan of Kerala’:- Malampuzha Garden
39. The year in which Sree Narayana Guru gave the message ‘One caste, one religion, one god for man’ at a conference held at ‘Adwaithasramam’, Aluva: - 1924
40. The year of Wagon Tragedy:- 1921
41. ‘TheNetherlands of Kerala’:- Kuttanad
42. What is known as ‘Kerala Kumbhamela’? - Makaravilakk
43. What is known as ‘Kerala Kumbhamela’? - Makaravilakku of Sabarimala
44. The first south Indian film to get president’s gold medal:- Chemmeen
45. The first step in the performance of Kathakali:- Kelikottu
46. The most beautiful ‘Vesha’ in Kathakali:- Pacha
47. The famous poet in Malayalam who died in a boat accident in Pallana river in 1924: - Kumaranasan
48. The first Bachat district in Kerala:- Ernakulam
49. The headquarters of Kerala Shipping and Inland Navigation Corporation: - Kochi
50. The place where the first Sanskrit College in Kerala was established:- Thiruvananthapuram

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