Kerala PSC GK | Facts About Kerala - 05

1. The first meeting of ‘Vavootuyogam’ the ancestor organisation of SNDP Yogam was held at: - Aruvippuram
2. The first speed post centre in Kerala was: - Kochi
3. The first tiger reserve in Kerala: - Periyar
4. The first town in Kerala to attain 100% literacy:- Kottayam
5. INS Garuda is situated at:- Kochi
6. The first radio station in Kerala:- Thiruvananthapuram
7. The first FM radio station in Kerala:- Kochi
8. The place known as ‘Second Bardoli’:- Payyannur
9. Which town is known as ‘Circus town in Kerala’:- Thalassery
10. The fort in Kerala built by Sivappa Naik of Bidanur:- Bakel
11. The pass that connects Kerala and Kudagu:- Perambady
12. The place known as ‘the Cherrapunji of Kerala’:- Lakkidi
13. Which European power built the Thalassery fort?- British
14. The first railway line in Travancore: - Shenkota-Punalur
15. The first rubberised road in Kerala connects Kottayam and ___ - Kumali
16. The first technopark in Kerala was established at:- Thiruvananthapuram
17. In which district is Athirappally- Vazhachal waterfalls:- Thrissur
18. In which district is Kuruva island? - Wayanad
19. In which district is Sankhumukham beach? - Thiruvananthapuram
20. In which district is Thattekkad bird santuary? - Ernakulam
21. In which lake is Pathiramanal island? - Vembanad
22. In which place is Papanasam beach? - Varkala
23. Payyoli beach is in the district of:- Kozhikode
24. Pookkode lake is in the district of:- Wayanad
25. Satvikam, Angikam, Vachikam and Aharyam are four types of:- Acting
26. Subhadradhananjayam and Thapathisamvaranam were written by:- Kulasekharavarma
27. Summer station of erstwhile princely state of Travancore, situated in Idukky district:-Peerumedu
28. Swati Thirunal constructed ‘Kuthira Malika’ at:- Thiruvananthapuram
29. Thankassery light house is in the district of: - Kollam
30. In which district Pookkode lake is situated? - Wayanad
31. In which hills the famous Edakkal caves are situated? - Ambukuthimal
32. I n which place Jadayupara is situated? - Chadayamangalam
33. The area known as Sairandrivanam in Mahabharat:- Silent Valley
34. The famous marine drive in Kerala is at:- Ernakulam
35. The national park which is famous lion tailed macaque:- Silent Valley
36. Who is regarded as the father of Yakshagana? - Parthy Subban
37. Who wrote the song’ Omanathinkal Kidavo’? - Irayimman Thampy
38. In which century Thacholi Othernan lived? - 16th
39. “Thekkan style’ in Kathakali was expounded by: - Kaplingattu Namboothiri
40. A film directed by Priyadarshan that depicts a story in the back ground of freedom struggle of India:- Kalapani
41. Gajendramoksham can be seen at the palace of:- Krishnapuram
42. In which district is ‘Arjuna Nritham’ is a famous dance form? - Kottayam
43. Oppana is a dance form performed by the women of ____ community:- Muslim
44. Padayani is a dance form popular in the district of:-Pathanamthitta
45. The famous ‘Ezharapponnana’ of Ettumanoor temple is made up of:- Wood
46. The film based on the theme of ‘Count of Monte Christo’ by Alexander Dumas:- Padayottam
47. The film based on the theme of ‘Othallo’ of Shakespeare:- Kaliyattam
48. The film ‘Yugapurushan’ depicts the life of:- Srinarayana Guru
49. The first Dolby sterio film in Malayalam:- Kalapani
50. The first film directed by M T Vasudevan Nair:- Nirmalyam

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