1. Mars is the Roman God of:
[a] Agriculture
[b] War
[c] Trade
[d] Love

2. The Greek equivalent of Mars:
[a] Ares
[b] Poseidon
[c] Helios
[d] Zeus

3. Mars is known as:
[a] Blue Planet
[b] Red Planet
[c] Green Planet
[d] Yellow Planet

4. Which is known as ‘black moon’?
[a] Mars
[b] Deimos
[c] Phobos
[d] Nereid

5. What imparts a red colour to Mars?
[a] Silicon
[b] Copper
[c] Iron
[d] Silver

6. Which is the highest peak in the solar system?
[a] Chimborazo
[b] Everest
[c] Valis Marineris
[d] Olympus Mons

7. Which planet has almost the same period of rotation that of the earth?
[a] Venus
[b] Mars
[c] Mercury
[d] Jupiter

8. Which was sent by NASA to study about Mars?
[a] Messenger
[b] Vinera
[c] Path Finder
[d] Galileo

9. Which is the farthest inner planet?
[a] Mercury
[b] Venus
[c] Earth
[d] Mars

10. The largest member in the solar system:
[a] Earth
[b] Jupiter
[c] Saturn
[d] Sun

11. National Congress is the parliament of:
[a] Australia
[b] Argentina
[c] Nepal
[d] South Africa

12. The line beyond which snow never melts:
[a] Latitude
[b] Longitude
[c] Snow line
[d] Meridian

13. The only planet without storms:
[a] Venus
[b] Jupiter
[c] Saturn
[d] Mercury

14. Natural vegetation has the similarity of:
[a] Climate and natural vegetation
[b] Climate and occupation
[c] Soil and drainage
[d] Economic base and races

15. A fountain of hot water issuing from a hole which extends deep into earth’s crust is called:
[a] Delta
[b] Canyon
[c] Volcano
[d] Geyser

16. Which of the following forest belt supplies most of the world’s requirement of newsprint?
[a] Evergreen forest
[b] Deciduous forest
[c] Coniferous forest
[d] Mediterranean forest

17. In which country is Parthenon Temple?
[a] Italy
[b] Iran
[c] Greece
[d] Iraq

18. Which is called ‘the first city in the world’?
[a] Ur
[b] Athens
[c] Sparta
[d] Olympus

19. The name ‘Urubamba’ is related to:
[a] Weather
[b] Rain
[c] Wind
[d] River

20. Which of the following countries in South Asia are land locked?
[a] Nepal and Bangladesh
[b] Bangladesh and Bhutan
[c] Bhutan and Nepal
[d] Bhutan and Pakistan