Kerala PSC - Important and Expected General Science Questions - 71

1. The element used for radiographic imaging:
[a] Calcium       
[b] Strontium     
[c] Barium         
[d] Beryllium

2. An anti-oxidant often added to fat containing foods to prevent rancidity:
[a] Ethyl benzoate                                   
[b] Methylated chlorobenzene
[c] Butyrated hydroxi anisole           
[d] Propyl alcohol

3. Which of the following insoluble in water?
[a] Silver Chloride                       
[b] Calcium Chloride
[c] Sodium Nitrate                       
[d] Magnisium Sulphate

4. An example of mineral acid:
[a] Citric acid                           
[b] Formic acid
[c] Tartaric acid                       
[d] Hydrochloric acid

5. The most abundant type of coal:
[a] Bituminous         
[b] Anthrasite       
[c] Lignite       
[d] None of these

6. Pigments obtained from plants can be separated by:
[a] Magnet                                       
[b] Crystallisation
[c] Chromatography                     
[d] Separating Funnel

7. Potassium permanganate is used to purify water.  Which among the following properties of it helps in this action?
[a] Reducing       
[b] Oxidising     
[c] Sterilizing         
[d] Leaching

8. What type of reaction is in the digestion offood in human body?
[a] Decomposition                     
[b] Hydrogenation
[c] Calcination                             
[d] Incubation

9. Which of the following is called the ‘Mother of Pearl’?
[a] Ammolite         
[b] Nacre         
[c] Tusk       
[d] Sea shell

10. Bleaching powder contains;
[a] Magnisium         
[b] Sodium       
[c] Calcium       
[d] Potassium

11. It is easily noticed the smell of the LPG gas because of which among the following?
[a] Butane         
[b] Propane       
[c] Methane             
[d] Ethanethiol

12. Teflon, the tough and fire resistant polymer, containing the halogen:
[a] Chlorine         
[b] Flourine             
[c] Iodine         
[d] Bromine

13. Froth and foams are examples of the following:
[a] Gas suspended in liquid                       
[b] Liquid suspended in gas
[c] Solid suspended in gas                         
[d] None of these

14. The discomfort due to indigestion can be cured by taking:
[a] Baking soda           
[b] Vinegar         
[c] Naphthalene               
[d]  Benzene

15. Chemical properties mostly resemble those of :
[a] Gold         
[b] Platinum       
[c] Barium         
[d]  Germanium

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