Kerala PSC - Model Questions English - 45

691. The boy comes from an AFFLUENT family (Select the antonym of the word given in CAPITAL letters)
[a] Poor
[b] Ordinary
[c] Infamous
[d] Backward

692. The synonym of ‘Inquisitive’ is:
[a] Curious
[b] Mature
[c] Brilliant
[d] Complex

693. Violation of something holy and sacred:
[a] Pollution
[b] Pilferage
[c] Sacrilege
[d] Pittance

694. The meaning of  ‘Remorse’:
[a] Regret
[b] Reproduce
[c] Reduce
[d] Reserve

695. The phrase that means ‘extreme happiness’:
[a] Baker’s dozen
[b] By and large
[c] Takes the bun
[d] Cloud nine

696. The rain didn’t stop us ____ enjoying our holiday.
[a] with
[b] to
[c] for
[d] from

697. He was there but I avoided ____ him.
[a] to see
[b] to be seen
[c] seeing
[d] None of these

698. ____ union is strength.
[a] The
[b] an
[c] a
[d] No article

699. ‘Indelible’ means:
[a] That which cannot be believed
[b] That cannot be tired out
[c] That cannot be rubbed out
[d] That cannot be destroyed

700. You need a lot of experience ____ do this job.
[a] to
[b] for
[c] by
[d]   from

701. India’s attitude towards China has all along been pusillanimous (select the word which conveys almost the same meaning as italicized word)
[a] Superficial
[b] Generous
[c] Subversive
[d] Faint hearted

702. The giving of special favour by a person in high position to his relatives:
[a] Nepotism
[b] Chauvinism
[c] Vandalism
[d] Incest

703. The doctor gave him an injection to _____ the temperature.
[a] put down
[b] get down
[c] bring down
[d] take down

704. It has been raining in Kerala _____ six months.
[a] since
[b] by
[c] for
[d] from

705. The opposite of ‘Advance’:
[a] Follow
[b] Remain
[c] Retreat
[d] Repel

706. It is natural ___man to make mistakes.
[a] that
[b] about
[c] in
[d] for

707. All that glitters is not ____
[a] silver
[b] gold
[c] copper
[d] alloy

708. Identify the conjunction in the given sentence: I ran fast but missed the train.
[a] but
[b] ran
[c] fast
[d] the

709. Killing of one’s own wife is known as:
[a] Homicide
[b] Infanticide
[c] Genocide
[d] Uxoricide

710. The meaning of ‘Duel’:
[a] Combat
[b] Double
[c] Purpose
[d] Dutiful

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