601. A car and a bike ____ my means of transportation.
[a] had 
[b] will 
[c] are 
[d] is

602. Choose the correct sentence from the following.
[a] The boys have gone to a cinema last night
[b] The boys went to a cinema last night
[c] The boys had gone to a cinema last night
[d] The boys will go to a cinema last night

603. I am using my pen (change to passive).
[a] My pen is being used
[b] My pen is using
[c] My pen used by me
[d] My pen being used

604. One who abstains from completely from alcohol:
[a] Pagan
[b] Hypocrite
[c] Cynic
[d] Teetotaller

605. Personal belongings, or accessories, equipment associated with a trade or hobby:
[a] Paraphernalia
[b] Etiquette
[c] Stereotype
[d] Credentials

606. The box of books ____ yesterday.
[a] were opened
[b] was opened
[c] had opened
[d] had been opened

607. The Ex-Prime Minister exchanged some reminiscences with his former aides (Select the word that is closest in meaning to the underlined):
[a] Thoughts
[b] Comments
[c] Anecdotes
[d] Recollections

608. The factory ____ twenty thousand metres of cloth every day.
[a] works out
[b] runs out
[c] turns out
[d]  makes out

609. Which word means ‘rough or wild person’?
[a] Cynic
[b] Barbarian
[c] Pedant
[d] Truant

610. You can swim well,  ____ ?
[a] would you
[b] can’t you
[c] can you
[d] could you

611. ‘One should never live beyond one’s means’-What does means in the sentence mean?
[a] way 
[b] ends 
[c] sense 
[d] wealth

612. An ideal community or society possessing a perfect sociopolitical-legal system:
[a] Dystopia
[b] Utopia
[c] Eldorado
[d] None of these

613. I have borrowed this motor bike ____ a friend:
[a] of           
[b] from           
[c] by         
[d] to

614. I have MALICE towards none (Select the antonym of the word given in CAPITAL letters)
[a] Sympathy
[b] Goodwill
[c] Friendship
[d]  Attraction

615. Is there ____ hospital in your village.
[a] the 
[b] an
[c] a 
[d] and

616. The phrase that means ‘have little or only observational involvement in something’:
[a] Take a back seat
[b] At one’s beck and call
[c] The bottom line
[d] Cloud nine

617. The synonym of ‘Wrath’:
[a] Anger
[b] Love
[c] Affinity
[d]  Support

618. They now wished they ____ harder at school. Then they wouldn’t have failed their examinations.
[a] worked
[b] will work
[c] had worked
[d]  would have worked

619. To lead a simple life:
[a] Sparse
[b] Spartan
[c] Scurrilous
[d] Spawn

620.  ____ do you get up in the morning?
[a] At what
[b] When
[c] What
[d] Were