561. Choose the correct word
[a] Grammer
[b] Gramer
[c] Gramar
[d] Grammar

562. Choose the word which best expresses the meaning of the word ‘Menace’:
[a] Threat
[b] Request
[c] Prayer
[d] Curse

563. I have not seen my brother ____ six months.
[a] since
[b] for 
[c] in 
[d] from

564. One who supports the claims of women for rights:
[a] Womanish
[b] Feminist
[c] Pessimist
[d] Feminize

565. The word which is nearest in meaning to the word ‘Economical’:
[a] Extravagant
[b] Wealthy
[c] Thrifty
[d] Lavish

566. This juice is made ____ fresh oranges.
[a] of 
[b] by
[c] with
[d] from

567. To be extremely interesting:
[a] Captivate
[b] Capture
[c] Cantankerous
[d] Dazzling

568. Choose the wrongly spelt word:
[a] Transgress
[b] Total
[c] Tresspass
[d] Train

569. It ____ heavily when I woke up yesterday.
[a] is raining
[b] was raining
[c] has been raining
[d] had been raining

570. It was with great difficulty he gained entry into the auditorium, but he made a sudden ……
[a] exit
[b] departure
[c] arrival
[d] passage

571. Roshan was so absorbed ____ his work that he didn’t even raise his head.
[a] on     
[b] at     
[c] in   
[d] by

572. Since 1980 women’s fashions ____ a lot.
[a] changed
[b] have changed
[c] are changing
[d] will have changed

573. The old man was too weak to travel ____ himself.
[a] for     
[b] on     
[c] with   
[d] by

574. The thieves not only robbed the travelers ____ , beat them up.
[a] but 
[b] and 
[c] also
[d] but also

575. The word which is nearest in meaning to the word ‘Profound’:
[a] Mysterious
[b] Profitable
[c] Deep
[d] Complex

576. By this time tomorrow, I ____ this job.
[a] will finish
[b] shall finish
[c] will have finished
[d] will be finishing

577. Choose the correctly spelt word:
[a] Accademy
[b] Academy
[c] Acadamy
[d]  Accadamy

578. My brother is good ____ boxing.
[a] in 
[b] with 
[c] at 
[d] about

579. The opposite of the word ‘Cheap’ is:
[a] Uncheap
[b] Dear
[c] Expensive
[d] Unavailable

580. The wind blew ____ the leaves fell.
[a] when 
[b] with 
[c] and 
[d] so