1. Yercaud is a hill station in _____ in Shevaroy Hills. - Tamil Nadu
2. Which is not in Tamil Nadu? - Coorg
3. The highest hill station in South India: - Udagamandalam
4. The Dargah of Sufi saint Khwaja Muinuddin Chisti is in: - Ajmer
5. The four most sacred pilgrimage places of Buddhists are Lumbini, Kushinagara, Saranath and _____ - Bodh Gaya
6. Char Dham, the sacred shrines of Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri and Yamunotri related to: - Hindus
7. Which is also called ‘Darbar Sahib’? - Harmandir Sahib
8. Which pilgrimage centre of Hindus is also known by the name Mayapur? - Haridwar
9. In which country is Mansarovar? - China
10. The place where Lord Krishna was born? - Mathura
11. The place which was temporary residence of Rama during the 14 years of exile? - Nasik
12. The place where Ganga, Yamuna and mythical Saraswati meet: - Prayag
13. The place where Lord Rama built a bridge across the sea: - Rameswaram
14. The train that covers the longest distance: - Kerala Express
15. Himasagar Express covers a distance of: - 3751 km
16. The headquarters of Konkan Railway is Belapur House in: - Navy Mumbai
17. The train that connects India and Pakistan: - Samjhota Express
18. Thar Express connects India and _____ - Pakistan
19. Maitri Express connects India and: - Bangladesh
20. Which train runs between Attari (India) and Wagha (Pakistan) ? - Samjhota Express
21. The colour of Rajdhani Express trains: - Red
22. The colour of ordinary trains in India: - Blue
23. The distance of rails in metre gauge: - 1000mm
24. India is the birth place of four major religionsHinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and _____ - Sikh religion
25. The second largest religion in India: - Islam
26. The largest minority religion in India: - Islam
27. The third largest religion in India: - Christianity
28. India has the largest number of ____ in the world: - Parsis, Bahais, Sikhs
29. India has ____ largest number of Muslims in the world: - Third
30. The non-Mulim majority country with the largest Muslim population: - India
31. The Indian state with the largest percentage of Muslims: - Jammu Kashmir
32. Which Union Territory/State has the largest percentage of Muslims: - Lakshadweep
33. Which region in India has some Christian majority states? - North East
34. Indian Institute of Petroleum is at: - Dehra Dun
35. Which is not situated at Bangalore? - Tuberculosis Research Centre
36. Which is not in Lucknow? - Central Food Technological Research Institute
37. Select the wrongly matched: - Cholera Research Centre- Mumbai
38. National Institute of Communicable Diseases is located at: - New Delhi
39. National Institute of Oceanography is located at: - Panaji
40. Where is Indian Institute of Sugar Technology? - Kanpur
41. Indian Lac Research Institute is at: - Ranchi
42. National Chemical Laboratory is at: - Pune
43. National Metullurgical Laboratory is at: - Jamshedpur
44. The headquarters of Indian Army: - New Delhi
45. Who is regarded as the father of Indian Army? - Stringer Lawrence
46. The first Indian to become the Commander-inChief of Indian Army: - KM Kariappa
47. India’s first military base outside India is in the country of: - Tajikistan
48. Where is Armed Forces Medical College? - Pune
49. Where is National Defence Academy? - Khadakvasla
50. The first Field Marshall of independent India: - Manekshaw