1. Ranjeet Sagar Dam is situated on the river:
[a] Jhelum
[b] Chenab
[c] Ravi
[d] Beas

2. In India, Tropic of Cancer doesn’t pass through which one of the following states:
[a] Jharkhand
[b] West Bengal
[c] Gujarat
[d] Maharashtra

3. Which river is known as ‘Vridha Ganga’?
[a] Kaveri
[b] Godavari
[c] Krishna
[d] Narmada

4. Where is INS Shivaji?
[a] Port Blair
[b] Goa
[c] Lonavala
[d] Visakhapatnam

5. The largest agro-based industry in India:
[a] Cotton textiles
[b] Sugar
[c] Silk
[d] Jute

6. The largest religion in Lakshadweep:
[a] Hinduism
[b] Islam
[c] Christianity
[d] Jainism

7. When does South West Monsoon blow?
[a] November-January
[b] May-September
[c] October- November
[d] None of these

8. In which state is Wular lake?
[a] Jammu Kashmir
[b] Orissa
[c] West Bengal
[d] Rajastan

9. Which is the easternmost state in India?
[a] Asom     
[b] Arunachal Pradesh
[c] Mizoram
[d] Tripura

10. Indira Gandhi airport which has the longest runway in India is at:
[a] Mumbai
[b] Allahabad
[c] New Delhi
[d] Lucknow

11. The Uri, Salal, Dulhasti  hydel projects are in ____
[a] Jammu Kashmir
[b] Himachal Pradesh
[c] Uttar Pradesh
[d] Punjab

12. In which river is Jog falls?
[a] Kaveri
[b] Indravati
[c] Sharavati
[d] Bhima

13. Mussoorie is a hill station in ____ where the Lal Bahadur Shastri Academy of Administration is situated:
[a] UP
[b] Uttarakhand
[c] Rajastan
[d] Jammu Kashmir

14. Where is Gulf of Mannar located?
[a] West of Gujarat
[b] East of Tamil Nadu
[c] West of Kerala
[d] South of Kanyakumari

15. The highest hill station in South India:
[a] Yercaud
[b] Munnar
[c] Udagamandalam
[d] Kodaikanal

16. Which of the following states has deposits of copper, lead and zinc together:
[a] Madhya Pradesh
[b] Karnataka
[c] Rajastan
[d] Bihar

17. Dhootsagar waterfalls are in ____ river:
[a] Sharavati
[b] Bhima
[c] Mandovi
[d] Musi

18. Kasauli is a hill station in:
[a] West Bengal
[b] Uttar Pradesh
[c] Uttarakhand 
[d] Himachal Pradesh

19. Elephanta island is in:
[a] Maharashtra
[b] Kerala
[c] Tamil Nadu
[d] Andhra Pradesh

20. Nathu La is in Himalayas. La means:
[a] Pass
[b] Glacier
[c] Valley
[d] Mountain

21. Dhariwal in Punjab is famous for:
[a] Cement
[b] Cycles
[c] Wool
[d] Milk products

22. The maximum daily range of temperature can be observed at:
[a] Chennai 
[b] Thiruvananthapuram
[c] Delhi
[d] Mumbai

23. Which river enters from Nepal to India and the basin of which includes Tibet, Nepal and India?
[a] Hugely
[b] Kosi
[c] Narmada
[d] Sarayu

24. Where are tea and coffee both grown?
[a] NW India
[b] NE India
[c] Central India
[d] Southern India

25. The name of which state means the ‘Abode of God’?
[a] Haryana
[b] Jammu Kashmir
[c] Punjab
[d] Rajastan