Kerala PSC General Knowledge Question and Answers - 108

1. In Rajasthan, Panchayat Raj system was introduced in
[a] 1950
[b] 1959
[c] 1960
[d] 1964

2. The major part of the Western Ghats lies in the state of:
[a] Tamil Nadu
[b] Karnataka
[c] Kerala
[d] Goa

3. Which religion belongs to the Lotus Temple in New Delhi?
[a] Sikh
[b] Parsi
[c] Bahai
[d] Jain

4. In which Indian State Pahari language is spoken?
[a] Assam
[b] Bihar
[c] Jharkhand
[d] Himachal Pradesh

5. Rajiv Gandhi was born in:
[a] Allahabad
[b] New Delhi
[c] Mumbai
[d] Dehra Dun

6. Where is the headquarters of CAPART (Council for Advancedment of People’s Action and Rural Technology)?
[a] New Delhi
[b] Mumbai
[c] Hyderabad
[d] Kolkata

7. The State in India which has the largest number of Local Self Government
[a] Madhya Pradesh
[b] Uttar Pradesh
[c] Maharashtra
[d] Tamil Nadu

8. Which is the smallest district in the Indian Union?
[a] Lakshadweep
[b] Yanam
[c] Mahe
[d] Diu

9. The most urbanised state in India
[a] Maharashtra
[b] Uttar Pradesh
[c] Goa
[d] None of these

10. The Indian States which have equal number of Members in the Lok Sabha (42):
[a] Bihar and Maharashtra
[b] Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh
[c] Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal
[d] West Bengal and Maharashtra

11. Arhai Din Ka Jhonpara, a mosque constructed during the period of  Slave
rulers, was situated at:
[a] Delhi
[b] Ajmer
[c] Badami
[d] Allahabad

12. Gopinath Bordoli was an eminent freedom fighter and recipient of Bharat Ratna, belonged to the State of:
[a] Maharashtra
[b] Assam
[c] West Bengal
[d] Bihar

13. Amarnath is a holy place for:
[a] Hindus
[b] Jains
[c] Buddhists
[d] Christians

14. Lepchas are the tribal people in:
[a] Sikkim
[b] Andamans
[c] Tamil Nadu
[d] Orissa

15.  ‘The Pearl Harbour of India’:
[a] Tutucorin
[b] Chennai
[c] Mumbai
[d] Surat

16. The second largest Union Territory in India, in terms of area:
[a] Andaman and Nicobar 
[b] Delhi
[c] Pondicherry
[d] Chandigarh

17. The most widely spoken foreign language in India:
[a] French
[b] Arabic
[c] Portuguese
[d] English

18. Which of the following is the biggest staterun organisation in India?
[a] Department of Defence
[b]Posts and Telegraph Department
[c] Railways
[d] Central Public Works Department

19. Which of the following states of the Indian Union does not have a bicameral legislature?
[a] Jammu and Kashmir 
[b] Bihar
[c] Madhya Pradesh
[d] Karnataka

20. The parent script of the Indo-Aryan and Dravidian languages:
[a] Kharoshti
[b] Brahmi
[c] Arabic
[d] None of these

21. A Bill is published in the Gazette of India after the:
[a] First reading
[b] Second reading
[c] Third reading
[d] Report Stage

22. National Institute of Nutrition is located in:
[a] Hyderabad
[b] Indore
[c] Karnal
[d] Bhopal

23. Zawar mines is in the state of:
[a] Bihar
[b] Jharkhand
[c] Rajasthan
[d] Madhya Pradesh

24. Almora hill station is in the state of:
[a] Uttarakhand
[b] Kashmir
[c] Himachal Pradesh
[d] Assam

25. The coastline of India including those of the islands is:
[a] 15200 km
[b] 7816.6 km
[c] 7516.6 km
[d] 6200 km

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