Kerala PSC General Knowledge Question and Answers - 107

1. How many hearts does an octopus have
[a] 9
[b] 5
[c] 3
[d] 2

2. An earthworm breathe with the help of
[a] Lungs
[b] Ears
[c] Nose
[d] Skin

3. Which bird can fly backwards
[a] Peacock
[b] Hummingbird
[c] Cardinal Bird
[d] Crimson Sunbird

4. Which species of bird flies at the highest elevation
[a] Bar-headed Goose
[b] Swift
[c] Canvasback
[d] Teal

5. Which animal has largest brain in the world
[a] Dolphin
[b] Octopus
[c] Blue Whale
[d] Sperm Whale

6. How many musceles in each ear of a cat
[a] 6
[b] 12
[c] 32
[d] 41

7. Which animal exclusiely eat only eucalyptus leaves and nothing else
[a] Koala
[b] Greater Glider
[c] Common Wombat
[d] Kangaroo

8. How far can an owl rotate its head
[a] 90 degree
[b] 160 degree
[c] 235 degree
[d] 270 degree

9. The age of a lion can be determined from its
[a] Color of nose
[b] Length of tail
[c] Length of nails
[d] Color of its hair

10. One horn rhino is found in
[a] Sumatra
[b] Africa
[c] India
[d] Sri Lanka

11. Rhino horn is made up of
[a] Keratin
[b] Elastin
[c] Collagen
[d] Fibroin

12. Name the only country where both tigers and lions are found
[a] South Africa
[b] India
[c] Kenya
[d] Bangladesh

13. How many subspecies of tiger found in the world
[a] 3
[b] 7
[c] 9
[d] 12

14. Which one is the largest in size among the subspecies of tiger
[a] Siberian tiger
[b] Indochinese Tiger
[c] Sumatran Tiger
[d] Bengal Tiger

15. What is the scientific name of Bengal Tiger
[a] Panthera tigris corbetti
[b] Panthera tigris amoyensis
[c] Panthera tigris altaica
[d] Panthera tigris tigris

16. How many stripes on each side of a Grevy's Zebra have
[a] 24
[b] 29
[c] 60
[d] 80

17. Which animal can create the loudest sound among any living creature
[a] Whale Shark
[b] Gibbon
[c] Humpback Whale
[d] Howler Monkey

18. Which animal has no vocal chords
[a] Lion
[b] Zebra
[c] Dolphin
[d] Giraffes

19. Total number of brains available in a Leech
[a] 2
[b] 3
[c] 16
[d] 32

20. Name the only mammal with hair on the soles of its feet
[a] Polar bears
[b] Panda
[c] Gorilla
[d] Bats

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