1. Godfrey Hounsfield got the 1979 Nobel Prize for Medicine. His major invention was:
[a] X Ray
[b] CT Scan
[c] Sthethoscope
[d] ECG

2. The first Indian to receive Templeton Award in 1973 is:
[a] Dr. S Radhakrishnan
[b] Mother Teresa
[c] Vinoba Bhave
[d] Baba Amte

3. The headquarters of World Economic Forum:
[a] Cologny
[b] New York
[c] Davos
[d] Dubai

4. The venue of the first Commonwealth Games was:
[a] London
[b] Sydney
[c] Hamilton
[d] Auckland

5. Who postulated Atomic Theory?
[a] Heisenberg
[b] Neils Bohr
[c] Madam Curie
[d] John Dalton

6. Who was the political guru of BR Ambedkar?
[a] Rajaram Mohan Roy
[b] Feroz Shah Mehta
[c] Jotiba Phule
[d] Birsa Munda

7. Aswaghosha lived in the court of:
[a] Harsha
[b] Vikramaditya
[c] Kanishka
[d] Ashoka

8. In mythology, who was forced to dine luxuriously beneath a sward, suspended by a single hair?
[a] Damocles
[b] Oedipus
[c] Jupiter
[d] None of these

9. Who discovered Doppler Effect?
[a] Christian Doppler
[b] Newton
[c] Watson
[d] Franc Whittle

10. Which of the folowing is not a storage medium?
[a] Hard disc
[b] Flash drive
[c] DVD
[d] Monitor

11. The first to synthesise urea artifically:
[a] Frederic Banting
[b] Frederic Wohler
[c] Michael Faraday
[d] None of these

12. Which is known as Chinese Apple?
[a] Orange
[b] Pomegranate
[c] Guava
[d] Lychee

13. What is known as Emergency Hormone?
[a] Adrenalin
[b] Glucagone
[c] Insulin
[d] Thyroxin

14. In which planet is Carl Sagan Space Station?
[a] Mars
[b] Saturn
[c] Neptune
[d] Uranus

15. Which bird is a native to Antarctica?
[a] Ostrich
[b] Kiwi
[c] Emu
[d] Penguin

16. Sirimao Bandaranayake was the first woman prime minister in the world. She beloged to:
[a] Bangladesh
[b] Myanmar
[c] Indonesia
[d] Sri Lanka

17. Country without official capital:
[a] Nauru
[b] Palau
[c] Monaco
[d] San Marino

18. Which lakes are situated between USA and Canada?
[a] Victoria
[b] Caspean Sea
[c] Great Lakes
[d] Titicaca

19. Which country is known as the horn of Africa?
[a] Egypt
[b] Somalia
[c] Tanzania
[d] Swaziland

20. The longest river in South India:
[a] Krishna
[b] Godavari
[c] Kaveri
[d] Tungabhadra

21. Cotton textiles industry in India was started with the establishment of a textile mill in 1818 at Fort Glaster near
[a] Kolkata
[b] New Delhi
[c] Mumbai
[d] Ahmadabad

22. Where is International Kite Festival held in India?
[a] Ahmedabad
[b] Hampi
[c] Bangalore
[d] Chennai

23. The place from where the oldest evidence for Sati was obtained:
[a] Neemuch
[b] Eran
[c] Sanchi
[d] Bhopal

24. Who administers the oath of office of the President?
[a] CJI
[b] Prime Minister
[c] Vice President
[d] Speaker

25. The members of the State Public Service Commission are appointed by the ___ and can be removed by the President on the advice of Supreme Court.
[a] Governor
[b] Chief Minister
[c] Home Minister
[d] UPSC Chairman