1. Which of the following is VIDEO file?
[a] MPEG
[b] GIF
[c] TMP
[d] BMP

2. Files and folders are placed in
[a] My Computer
[b] disk drives
[c] user account
[d] all of the above

3. No of Items in a folder is shown in
[a] title bar
[b] menu bar
[c] View pane
[d] Status bar

4. The main diretory of a drive is called ___ directory.
[a] root
[b] sub
[c] folder
[d] network

5. The memory whose contents are erased by electrical pulses
[a] POM
[b] PROM

6. Properties of file in windows can be accessed using the shortcut
[a] Ctrl+Enter
[b] Alt+Enter
[c] Ctrl+P
[d] Alt+Ctrl+P

7. The place where icons of installed programs are shown
[a] Quick Launch bar
[b] Status Bar
[c] Desktop
[d] Desktop Bar

8. The samllest controllable unit in screen:
[a] Pixel
[b] point
[c] resolution
[d] print Point

9. 1024 GB is
[a] 1ZB
[b] 1PB
[c] 1TB
[d] 1EB

10. Touch screen is:
[a] input device
[b] output device
[c] both [a] and [b]
[d] visual drive

11. Non volatile memory in computer:
[a] RAM
[b] ROM
[c] both [a] and [b]
[d] None of the above

12. Which of the following software is system software?
[a] Word processor
[b] Compiler
[c] Database-system
[d] Web browser

13. DOS stands for:
[a] Disk operation System
[b] Disk operational System
[c] Drive operating System
[c] Disk operating System

14. Which of the following is used only for scientific purpose
[a] mini computers
[b] micro computers
[c] mainframe computers
[d] super Computers

15. India's first super computer
[a] Param 8000
[b] Param 1000
[c] Param Pro
[d] Param 10000

16. Which of the following is the fastest type of memory
[a] Magnetic disks
[b] Magnetic drives
[c] Semiconductor memories
[d] Flash drives

17. In windows Alt + F4 is the shortcut for:
[a] close window
[b] Location bar
[c] Folder options
[d] Start Menu

18. Quick launch icon is a part of:
[a] tool bar
[b] menu bar
[c] task bar
[d] title bar

19. Interface used by windows is called:
[a] menu driven interface
[b] command driven interface
[c] graphical user interface
[d] prompt interface

20. MS-DOS is ___ operating system
[a] Command Line Interface
[b] Graphical user Interface
[c] Both [a] and [b]
[d] None of the above