1. Which Article of the Constitution gives special status to Jammu & Kashmir?

2. Through which amendment to the Constitution was the terms 'Socialist and Secular' included in the Preamble?

3. Who were the leading artists to decorate the hand written copy of the Indian Constitution?

4. Which Schedule of the Constitution deals with the tree lists, namely Union list, State List and the Concurrent list?

5. Anti-defection provisions for Members of the Parliament and State Legislatures are included in the ___ Schedule of the Constitution?

6. What was the original number of Fundamental Righs envisaged by the Constitution?

7. Which was removed from the list of the Fundamental Rights in 1978 through the 44th Constitutional Amendment?

8. Which Article of the Constitution guarantees six freedoms in the nature of civil rights, which are available only to citizens of India?

9. Which Constitutional Amendment made the Right to Education at elementary level as a Fundamental Right under Article 21A?

10. In India, the child labour is prohibited through the ___ Article of the Consitution?

11. In which year was the Fundamental Duties added to the Constitution?

12. The recommendations of which comittee resulted in the constitution of the Fundamental Duties?

13. The President of India is empowered with the powers to grant pardons under which Article of the Constitution?

14. Those rights that protect the necessities of life or that provide for the foundations of an adequate quality of life are called

15. Which part of the Constitution of India includes all the social, economic and cultural rights?

16. Which Article deals with prohibition of traffic in human beings and forced labour?

17. The prescribed fee to seek information under the Right to Information Act

18. Who had said that the preamble is the keynote to the Constitution?

19. By which Amendment the words in the preamble of the Constitution - "Unity of nation' were changed to 'Unity and Integrity of Nation'

20. In which year Child Marriage Restraint Act was passed?

21. The World's oldest Right to Information was enacted in:

22. Which constitutional body is functioned in Dholpur House, New Delhi?

23. The State shall organise village panchayats as units of self government. This is enshrined in Article:

24. The state shall promote with special care the educational and economic interests of weaker sections of people. To which Article this is realted?

25. By which amendment Fundamental Duties were included in the Consitution?

26. Who is the head of the Union Cabinet?

27. Which Article declares that the state shall endeavour to promote international peace and security?

28. In which year Lok Pal bill was introduced in Parliament of India for the first time?

29.Which amendment of the Constitution of India created two separate bodies, National Commission for Scheduled Castes and National Commission for Scheduled Tribes?

30. The first malayali to become mebmer of Finance Commission of India

31. Which Hight Court has jurisdiction over Lakshadweep:

32. To whom Finance Commission of India submits its report:

33. Which Article of the Indian Constitution states that the Union Cabinet is collectively responsible to the House of People (Lok Sabha):

34. In which year the first Constitution Bill was passed:

35. On which date the Constituent Assembly adopted the National Anthem of India: