521. Though her written English is impeccable, she does not score well in may exams. Here the word 'impeccable' means:
[a] simple but effective
[b] without mistakes or faults
[c] of high standard
[d] of high quality

522. We know nothing about him save his name. Here 'save' means:
[a] only
[b] not even
[c] especially
[d] except

523. The two businessmen, who are brothers, have decided to bury the hatchet. What do you mean by 'bury the hatchet'?
[a] make peace
[b] stop mutually harmful activities
[c] stop fighting for the time being
[d] move the court

524. Spot the error, if any:
[a] The price of oil
[b] will continue to increase
[c] following the sanctions against Iran
[d] No error

525. Her participation ___ the performance came as a great surprise.
[a] at
[b] in
[c] on
[d] of

526. Choose the most appropriate clause to complete the sentence:
It's no good ____
[a] that you cannot come to the party
[b] to talk to strangers
[c] to gamble money
[d] investing money in losing ventures

527. Ten kilometres ___ a long distance to walk
[a] is
[b] are
[c] being
[d] been

528. Waste not, ___
[a] have not
[b] want not
[c] gain not
[d] spare not

529. When did thy complete the work? (Into the Passive Voice)
[a] When was the work complete by them?
[b] When were you completed the work?
[c] When was the work completed?
[d] The work was completed when?

530. Which of the following is an acronym?
[a] UNO
[b] USA
[c] WTO

531. The word which is correctly spelt
[a] honourarium
[b] honourerium
[c] honorarium
[d] honorrarium

532. Identify the gerund from the statement, 'Seeing is believing'
[a] seeing
[b] believing
[c] is
[d] None

533. Choose the correct answer:
One of the women in the dance hall ___ just fainted
[a] have
[b] has
[c] are
[d] is

534. Change the voice:
Is English spoken by her?
[a] Does she speak English?
[b] Did she speak English?
[c] Is she spoken English?
[d] Has she spoken English?

535. Choose the right answer:
It ___ raining heavily for a week. The wells are overflowing
[a] is
[b] have been
[c] has been
[d] was

536. Complete the following indirect speech:
'Have you understood my instruction?'
He said to me.
He asked me ___
[a] if I had understood his instructions
[b] if I have understood his instructions
[c] if I have been understood his instructions
[d] if you had understood my instructions

537. Choose the correct prepositions:
He depends ___ his pen ___ a living.
[a] on, for
[b] for, on
[c] of, in
[d] in, for

538. Choose the correct answer:
He ___ we worship, by ___ gift we live, is the Lord.
[a] whose, whom
[b] whom, which
[c] who, which
[d] whom, whose

539. Words incribed on tomb
[a] Epitome
[b] Epistle
[c] Epilogue
[d] Epitaph

540. 'I readily closed with his offer' means ___
[a] I readily accepted his offer.
[b] I readily rejected his offer.
[c] I really liked his offer
[d] I really thanked his offer