1. The number of states of India that share border with Kerala:
[a] 2
[b] 3
[c] 4
[d] None of these

2. The Largest gap in western ghats:
[a] Palakkad Gap
[b] Thamarassery Gap
[c] Kambam
[d] Bodinaykkanur

3. The district of Kerala that is completely surrounded by other districts of Kerala:
[a] Thrissur
[b] Wayanad
[c] Idukky
[d] Kottayam

4. In which district Tulu language is spoken?
[a] Idukky
[b] Kannur
[c] Kasargod
[d] Thrissur

5. In which district is Agasthyakootam situated?
[a] Kollam
[b] Thiruvananthapuram
[c] Idukky
[d] Kottayam

6. Kumarakom Bird sanctuary is in the district of:
[a] Alappuzha
[b] Kottayam
[c] Ernakulam
[d] Idukky

7. Mohiniyattam was evolved from:
[a] Dasiyattam
[b] Kathakali
[c] Ottam Thullal
[d] Yakshagana

8. Which place is known as the birth place of Ottam Thullal?
[a] Kottarakkara
[b] Kozhikode
[c] Mattanchery
[d] Ambalappuzha

9. Who is regarded as the 'father of Malayalam Journalism'?
[a] Chenkulathu Kunhirama Menon
[b] KP Kesavamenon
[c] Kandathil Varughese Mappila
[d] K Ramakrishna Pillai

10. The first railway line in Kerala was started in:
[a] 1861
[b] 1871
[c] 1881
[d] 1891

11. The first Abkari Court in Kerala was established at:
[a] Kochi
[b] Thalasserry
[c] Kottarakkara
[d] Venganur

12. Who was the first secretary of Yuktivadi Sangham?
[a] MC Joseph
[b] Prof EM Kovoor
[c] Kuttipuzha Krishna Pillai
[d] VT Bhattatrippad

13. Species in grave dangers of extinctionis known as:
[a] Vulnerable species
[b] Rae species
[c] Endangered species
[d] Indeterminate species

14. Project elephant launched in:
[a] 1972
[b] 1973
[c] 1970
[d] 1992

15. The leader of modern India who embraced Buddhism in the later years of his life:
[a] MM Malavia
[b] BR Ambedkar
[c] Aurobindo Ghosh
[d] KR Narayanan

16. The Viceroy when Muslim League was formed in 1906:
[a] Minto
[b] Hardinge
[c] Chelmsford
[d] Rippon

17. Who is known as Andhra Kesri?
[a] T Prakasham
[b] Potti Sreeramalu
[c] Surya Sen
[d] None of these

18. The women who faced trial along with Surya Sen?
[a] Beena Das
[b] Pritilatha Wadedar
[c] Kalpana Joshi
[d] Santhi Ghosh

19. Who killed Bengal Governor in a convocation ceremony?
[a] Santhi Ghosh
[b] Kalpana Joshi
[c] Pritilatha Wadedar
[d] Beena Das

20. Who was called "The mother of Indian Revolution"?
[a] Annie Besant
[b] Beena Das
[c] Madam Bhikaji Kama
[d] Sarojini Naidu

21. The Round Table conferences were conducted as per the recommendations of:
[a] Lyall Commission
[b] Hunter Commission
[c] Simon Commission
[d] Crip's Mission

22. What was called 'post dated cheque' by Gandhiji?
[a] CAbinet Mission
[b] Crip's Mission
[c] Govt of India Act, 1935
[d] Ouit India Movement

23. The founder of East India Association in 1866?
[a] WC Bannerjee
[b] Dadabhai Naroji
[c] MK Gandhi
[d] Mahadev Govind Ranade

24. Which among the following is known as salt river?
[a] Sabarmati
[b] Ghaggar
[c] Luni
[d] Narmada

25. The headquarters of Konkan Railway is Belapur House in:
[a] Madgaon
[b] Mangalore
[c] Navi Mumbai
[d] Karwar

26. Jhulum, Chenab, Ravi, Beas and Sutlej are the tributaries of:
[a] Brahmaputra
[b] Narmada
[c] Ganga
[d] Indus

27. The reservoir of Bhakra Nangal Dam is known as:
[a] Gobind Sagar
[b] Gandhi Sagar
[c] Jawahar Sagar
[d] Indira Sagar

28. Panna in Madhya Pradesh is famous for:
[a] Gold
[b] Uranium
[c] Diamond
[d] Copper

29. India is __ th Largest country in the world in terms of area:
[a] 5
[b] 6
[c] 7
[d] 8

30. Which is the highest waterfall in India?
[a] Dudhsagar Falls
[b] Jog Falls
[c] Palaruvi Falls
[d] Meenmutty Falls

31. The state with the highest density of poplation as per 2011 census:
[a] Maharashtra
[b] Rajasthan
[c] Uttar Pradesh
[d] Bihar

32. The first general elections in India were held in:
[a] 1949
[b] 1950
[c] 1951
[d] 1947

33. Which is at the apex of the three tier system of Panchayati Raj?
[a] Zila Parishad
[b] Gram Sabha
[c] Gram Panchayat
[d] Panchayat Samiti

34. Nuclear fission is caused by the impact of:
[a] Neutrons
[b] Protons
[c] Deuteron
[d] Electron

35. The IC chip used in a computer is made up of
[a] Chromium
[b] Silicon
[c] Gold
[d] Lead

36. Which of the following is the highest peak of Satpura Range?
[a] Gurushikhar
[b] Dhupgarh
[c] Pachmarhi
[d] Mahendragiri

37. Kerala Kalamandalam was established in the year?
[a] 1930
[b] 1931
[c] 1950
[d] 1957

38. Which country introduces World's First trackless train?
[a] United States
[b] China
[c] United Kingdom
[d] Norway

39. Gol Gumbaz is in:
[a] Konark
[b] Hyderabad
[c] Puri
[d] Bijapur

40. The Telephone was inveneted by
[a] G Marconi
[b] Alexander Gram Bell
[c] JL Baird
[d] Thomas Barrow

41. The term 'Pitcher' is associated with:
[a] Wrestling
[b] Boxing
[c] Baseball
[d] Basket Ball

42. The Gas that is used in the manufacture of vanaspati ghee is:
[a] Oxygen
[b] Carbon dioxide
[c] Hydrogen
[d] Nitrogen

43. Which of the following is called "Brown Paper"?
[a] Jute
[b] Cotton
[c] Rubber
[d] Coffee

44. Who is called as the 'Prophet of New India'?
[a] Dayanand Saraswati
[b] Baba Amte
[c] Raja Ram Mohan Roy
[d] Swami Vivekananda

45. The blinking point which shows your position in the text is called:
[a] Blinker
[b] Cursor
[c] Causer
[d] Pointer

46. Which key is used in combination with another key to perform a specific task?
[a] function
[b] arrow
[c] space bar
[d] control

47. Which of the following will translate images of text, drawings and photos into digital
[a] digitizer
[b] modem
[c] scanner
[d] keybaord

48. Which of the following commands is used to select the whole document?
[a] Ctrl + A
[b] Alt + F5
[c] Shift + S
[d] Can't be done

49. Sending an e-mail is same as:
[a] writing a letter
[b] drawing a picture
[c] talking on phone
[d] sending a package

50. Digital India was launched on:
[a] 01 Dec 2014
[b] 01 Jun 2015
[c] 01 Jan 2015
[d] 01 July 2015