Kerala PSC Model Questions for University Assistant Exam - 93

Kerala PSC Model Questions for University Assistant Exam - 93

1. Sandalwood tree is considered as a :
[a] total root parasite
[b] total stem parasite
[c] stem parasite
[d] partial root parasite

2. Who is the father of ‘Organic Farming’?
[a] Albert Stuart
[b] M.S.Swaminathan
[c] Fukuoka
[d] Sir Albert  Howard

3. Who discovered cell?
[a] Robert Hook
[b] J.C.Bose
[c] Galileo
[d] None of these

4. The alkaloid present in Coffee
[a] Caffeine
[c] Serpantine
[d] Quinine

5. The acid present in the seed covering of Cashew nut?
[a] Citric acid
[b] Malic acid
[c] Oxalic acid
[d] Anacardic acid

6. The largest tree in the world, General Sherman, belongs to:
[a] Sequoia
[b] Teak
[c] Red Wood
[d] Mahagony

7. Which is called ‘Golden Spice’
[a] All spice
[b]  Cardomom
[c]  Pepper
[d] Turmeric

8. Which area in India is called ‘Cradle of Speciation’?
??[a] Western Ghats
[b] Eastern Himalayas
[c] Eastern Ghats
[d] Nilgiris

9. The state with the largest mangrove forest area
[a] Gujarat
[b] West Bengal
[c] Assam
[d] Madhya Pradesh

10. The major portion of grapes produced in the world is used to make
[a] Brandy
[b] Raisins
[c] wine
[d] Whiskey

11. Which food crop was most benefited by Green Revolution?
[a] Rice
[b] Millet
[c] Maize
[d] Wheat

12. Which plant is called ‘Indian fire’
[a] Neem
[b] Asoka
[c] Mahagony
[d] Sal

13. Which is called ‘Poor man’s apple’?
[a] Orange
[b] Tomato
[c] Pineapple
[d] Papaya

14. In which year Green revolution was started in Mexico
[a] 1944
[b] 1954
[c] 1964
[d] 1974

15. What is the common name of Cassava?
[a] tapioca
[b] carrot
[c] tomato
[d] sweet potato

16. Lerma Rojo is a variety of
[a] rice
[b] wheat
[c] rubber
[d] pepper

17. Which is called the ‘Queen of rice varieties?
[a] Navara
[b] IR-8
[c] Basmati
[d] Jaya

18. The green roots that contains chlorophyll capable of photosynthesis
[a] Stilt roots
[b] assimilatory roots
[c] prop roots
[d] Vehimen roots

19. A fungus which is known as ‘the king of herbs’
[a] Ganoderma
[b] Penicillin
[c] Mycorrhiza
[d] Agaricus

20. Which of the following is an oil seed?
[a] garlic
[b] clove
[c] mustard
[d] cardamom

21. The gas formed when Potassium Permanganate is heated
[a] nitrogen
[b] oxygen
[c] hydrogen
[d] ammonia

22. The pungent smell emitted while scratching the match box
[a] oxygen
[b] hydrogen sulphide
[c] methane
[d] sulphur dioxide

23. The gas formed in Sun as the result of nuclear fusion
[a] oxygen
[b] carbondioxide
[c] methane
[d] helium

24. What is the colour of ozone
[a] yellow
[b] orange
[c] blue
[d] red

25. Which metal is called ‘White gold’
[a] mercury
[b] silver
[c] iron sulphide
[d] platinum

26. Which metal has the symbol of ‘Hg’
[a] hydrogen
[b] iron
[c] aluminium
[d] mercury

27. Which of the following metal is used to make the nib of fountain pens
[a] silver
[b] aluminium
[c] lead
[d] indium

28. The name ‘Aurum’ is related to the metal
[a] tungsten
[b] osmium
[c] gold
[d] indium

29. The substances added to ore to remove impurities is called
[a] Gangue
[b] Flux
[c] Aqua regia
[d] Alloy

30. Which is known as ‘the metal of hope’
[a] Titanium
[b] Uranium
[c] Silver
[d] Platinum

31. Cassiterite is the ore of
[a] lead
[b] gold
[c] copper
[d] tin

32. Pure gold is ___ carat.
[a] 100
[b] 91.6
[c] 22
[d] 24

33. The main constituent of Electrum
[a] Nickel
[b] Gold
[c] Iron
[d] Aluminium

34. Which variety of coal contains the largest amount of carbon
[a] Graphite
[b] Anthrasite
[c] Lignite
[d] Lamp Black

35. Which is known as ‘Caustic lotion’
[a] silver nitrate
[b] triplumbic tetroxide
[c] ferrous sulphate
[d] ferric oxide

36. Who discovered Uranium
[a] Henri Bequerel
[b] Cavendish
[c] Martin Klaproth
[d] Lavosier

37. The planetary model of atom was discovered by
[a]  Dalton
[b] Niels Bohr
[d] Rutherford
[d] J.J.Thomson

38. Monasite is the ore of
[a] Thorium
[b] Uranium
[c] Lead
[d] Gold

39. The father of periodic table
[a] Gregor Mendel
[b] Mendeleev
[c] Cavendish
[d] Priestly

40. Potassium permanganate is known as
[a] Benzole
[b] Condy’s crystals
[c] Cinnabar
[d] Hard oil

41. Computer is an/a
[a] mechanical device
[b] electrical device
[c] electronic device
[d] none of these

42. Back up of a data file will help to prevent
[a] loss of confidentiality
[b] duplication of data
[c] virus attack
[d] loss of data

43. A program for viewing a web page is called
[a] word processor
[b] spreadsheet
[c] protocol
[d] a browser

44. Alta Vista is a
[a] programme
[b] software
[c] browser
[d] search engine

45. The first recorded cyber crime was committed by
[a] Joseph Marie Jacquard
[b] Gulshan Kumar
[c] Pawan Duggal
[d] Muhammad feroz

46. Who said that Indian National Congress is a ‘begging institute’?
[a] Mahatma Gandhi
[b] Bipin Chandra Pal
[c] Bal Gangadhar Tilak
[d] Aurobindo Ghosh

47. Who started the English weekly ‘New India’
[a] Lala Lajpat Rai
[b] Bipin Chandra Pal
[c] Dada Bhai Naoroji
[d] Madan Mohan Malviya

48. Young India was started by
[a] Annie Besant
[b] M.K.Gandhi
[c] Lala Lajpath Rai
[d] B.R.Ambedkar

49. Who accompanied Bhagat Singh to bomb Central Legislature Assembly in Delhi
[a] Raj Guru
[b] Sukh Dev
[c] Chandrasekhar Azad
[d] Batukeswar Dutt

50. The Prime Minister of India when anti defection law was passed
[a] Rajiv Gandhi
[b] Morarji Desai
[c] V.P.Singh
[d] Indira Gandhi

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