Kerala PSC Model Questions for University Assistant Exam - 92

Kerala PSC Model Questions for University Assistant Exam - 92

1. In which river system the largest number of power projects are established?
[a] Bharatappuzha
[b] Periyar
[c] Chaliyar
[d] Pamba

2. Which river is also known as Ponnanippuzha?
[a] Bharatappuzha
[b] Periyar
[c] Chaliyar
[d] Pamba

3. Pamba drains into
[a] Ashtamudi lake
[b] Sasthamkotta lake
[c] Vembanad lake
[d] Kavvayi lake

4. The northernmost river in Kerala
[a] Kavvayi
[b] Chithari
[c] Chandagiri
[d] Mancheswaram river

5. Kalady and Aluva are on the banks of
[a] Periyar
[b] Bharatappuzha
[c] Pamba
[d] Chaliyar

6. Which one of the following rivers does not meet at Munnar?
[a] Nallathanni
[b] Kabani
[c] Muthirappuzha
[d] Kundala

7. Muthirappuzha is a tributary of
[a] Pamba
[b] Chaliyar
[c] Bharatappuzha
[d] Periyar

8. In which district is Idamalayar hydel project?
[a] Ernakulam
[b] Idukki
[c] Kottayam
[d] Thrissur

9. The first hydro-electric project in Malabar
[a] Vilangad
[b] Sengulam
[c] Kuttyadi
[d] None of these

10. In which river is Sabarigiri Project
[a] Muthirappuzha
[b] Azhutha
[c] Pamba
[d] Periyar

11. The Sengulam Project is in the river
[a] Pamba
[b] Muthirappuzha
[c] Bharatappuzha
[d] Kallada

12. In which district is Mullaperiyar dam?
[a] Kannur
[b] Idukki
[c] Thrissur
[d] Pathanamthitta

13. The number of east flowing rivers in Kerala
[a] 5
[b] 4
[c] 3
[d] 2

14. The river that was called ‘the English channel in India’ as it separated the British and French occupied territories in Kerala
[a] Mayyazhi river
[b] Chaliyar
[c] Kavvayi
[d] Chandragiri

15. The smallest river in Kerala
[a] Mancheswaram
[b] Chithari
[c] Kavvayi
[d] Neyyar

16. The southernmost river in Kerala
[a] Neyyar
[b] Karamanayar
[c] Kallada river
[d] Mamam river

17. Which river is known as ‘Choorni’ in ancient times
[a] Pamba
[b] Chaliyar
[c] Bharatappuzha
[d] Periyar

18. Kuruva island is in the river
[a] Periyar
[b] Kabani
[c] Chaliyar
[d] Bharatappuzha

19. In which river the Dharmadom island is situated
[a] Periyar
[b] chaliyar
[c] Kabani
[d] Anjarakkandy

20. Only person to hold the post of Deputy Chief Minister after holding the post of Chief Minister
[a] P.K.Vasudevan Nair
[b] K.Karunakaran
[c] C.H.Mohammed Koya
[d] R.Sankar

21. Sree Narayana Guru visited the Satyagrahis at Vaikkom in
[a] 1923
[b] 1924
[c] 1925
[d] 1926

22. Who is regarded as the ‘Father of political agitations in Travancore
[a] G.P.Pillai
[b] K.Ramakrishna Pillai
[c] Pattom Thanu Pillai
[d] Dr.Palpu

23. Who authored ‘Divyakokilam’ as a tribute to Rabindranath Tagore
[a] Sree Narayana Guru
[b] Dr.Palpu
[c] Kumaranasan
[d] None of these

24. Who said these words “I installed my siva; not a Brahmin siva”
[b] Chattampi Swamikal
[c] Sree Narayana Guru
[d] Dr.Palpu

25. Who advised Dr.Palpu to associate with some spiritual person in his effort to fight for the rights of the Ezhavas
[a] Chattampi Swamikal
[b] Vivekananda
[c] Thycaud Ayya
[d] Mahathma Gandhi

26. Thycaud Ayya passed away in:
[a] 1909
[b] 1924
[c] 1928
[d] 1932

27. Who is regarded as the father of the renaissance of Kerala
[a] Ayya Vaikundar
[b] Kumaranasan
[c] Chattampi Swamikal
[d] Sree Narayana Guru

28. Dr. Palpu served in the medical service under the government of
[a] Travancore
[b] Gwalior
[c] Mysore
[d] Bikaner

29. Which city was selected by Tipu as the capital of his Malabar territories
[a] Thalassery
[b] Cherpulassery
[c] Feroke
[d] Kannur

30. Narayana Guru did the prathishta of the goddess Sree Sarada at Sivagiri in April
[a] 1912
[b] 1914
[c] 1924
[d] 1928

31. The first Malayali to become the chairman of Rajya Sabha
[a] M.M.Jacob
[b] K.R.Narayanan
[c] V.V.Giri
[d] None of these

32. Acts that one performs for one’s sake Should also aim for the good Of other men-are the words of
[a] Ayya Vaikundar
[b] Ayyankali
[c] Sree Narayana Guru
[d] Chattampi Swamikal

33. The Diwan of Travancore who defended Tipu
[a] Velu Thampy
[b] Raja Kesavads
[c] Ummini Thampy
[d] Ramayyan

34. ‘Jnanodayam Sabha’ was founded under the patronage of Pandit Karuppan at
[a] Anappuzha
[b] Kodungallur
[c] Edakochi
[d] Thevara

35. Who was the last Prime Minister (Diwan) of Travancore
[a] T.K.Nair
[b] Dr.A.R.Menon
[c] Panampilly
[d] P.G.N.Unnithan

36. Who introduced Sree Narayana Guru to Thycaud Ayya
[a] Chattampi Swamikal
[b] Ayya Vaikundar
[c] Ayyankali
[d] Brahmananda Sivayogi

37. The first Malayalam film to get President’s Gold Medal for the best film
[a] Piravi
[b] Elippathayam
[c] Nirmalyam
[d] Chemmeen

38. Madan Asan was the father of
[a] Dr.Palpu
[b] Sree Narayana Guru
[c] Ayyankali
[d] Chattampi Swamikal

39. Signals that involve human communications are generally
[a] Digital
[b] Analog
[c] Either digital or analog
[d] None of these

40. A large sized network is termed as
[a] MAN
[b] WAN
[c] LAN
[d] VAN

41. Spot the odd one amongst the following
[c] DOS
[d] UNIX

42. Personal computers can be connected together to form a
[a] Server
[b] Super computer
[c] Network
[d] Enterprise

43. Which of the following is not a storage medium
[a] Hard disc
[b] Flash drive
[c] DVD
[d] Monitor

44. A ____ shares hardware, software and data among authorized users
[a] Network
[b] Protocol
[c] Hyperlink
[d] Transmitter

45. Which of the following is not related to internet
[a] Function Key
[b] Link
[c] Browser
[d] Search Engine

46. User can use ____ commands to search for and correct words in a computer.
[a] Print and Print preview
[b] Header and Footer
[c] Find and Replace
[d] Spelling and Grammar

47. To see the documents before the printout is taken, use ____
[a] Print Preview
[b] Format Printer
[c] Paste
[d] Insert Table

48. The domain name for India
[a] ind
[b] in
[c] id
[d] hin

49. Which company developed ‘WINDOWS’
[a] Microsoft
[b] Apple
[c] LG
[d] HCL

50. The full form of CD
[a] Computer Disc
[b] Compact Disc
[c] Compact Device
[d] Compact Document

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