Kerala PSC Model Questions for University Assistant Exam - 106

Kerala PSC Model Questions for University Assistant Exam - 106

1. What percent of the atmosphere is Oxygen?
[a] 20.95
[b] 22.1
[c] 29.2
[d] 18.2

2. Atomic number of Carbon:
[a] 2
[b] 6
[c] 3
[d] 5

3. Which is known as ‘Jamaican Pepper’?
[a] Cardomom
[b] Vanilla
[c] All Spice
[d] Saffron

4. The organism that eats its mate:
[a] Ant
[b] Cockroach
[c] Crab
[d] Spider

5. Which is the useful part of Coffee?
[a] Seed
[b] Stem
[c] Leaf
[c] Flower

6. The largest fish:
[a] Tuna
[b] Whale Shark
[c] Mackeral
[d] Eel

7. The planet whose poles are faced towards the Sun:
[a] Jupiter
[b] Saturn
[c] Uranus
[d] Neptune

8. The coldest climatic zone:
[a] Tropical zone
[b] Frigid zone
[c] Temperate zone
[d] None of these

9. Which mountain is known as Arakan Yoma in Myanmar?
[a] Himalayas
[b] Andes
[c] Alps
[d] Rockies

10. The Tirupati Temple is in:
[a] Karnataka
[b] Andhra Pradesh
[c] Goa
[d] Tamil Nadu

11. The Indian train that covers the longest distance:
[a] Kerala Express
[b] Taj Express
[c] Vivek Express
[d] Himasagar Express

12. In which river is Kolkata port?
[a] Ganga
[b] Hoogly
[c] Damodar
[d] Mahanadi

13. In which state is Chilka?
[a] Gujarat
[b] Orissa
[c] West Bengal
[d] Andhra Pradesh

14. Central Rice Research Institute is at:
[a] Kanpur
[b] Cuttack
[c] Nagpur
[d] Lucknow

15. In which year India launched Operation Vijay in Kargil?
[a] 1998
[b] 1999
[c] 2000
[d] 2001

16. The Imperial Bank of India was formed in:
[a] 1901
[b] 1911
[c] 1921
[d] 1931

17. Who is regarded as the father of Indian Cinema?
[a] Satyajit Ray
[b] Dadasaheb Phalke
[c] NG Chitre
[d] Ardeshir Irani

18. The slogan “lifeline of the nation” is related to:
[a] BSNL
[b] CBI
[c] SBI
[d] Indian Railways

19. The state which is known as the ‘Land of thirty six forts’:
[a] Chhatisgarh
[b] Bihar
[c] Jharkhand
[d] Uttarakhand

20. Where one can see ‘Amar Jawan Jyothi’?
[a] Red Fort
[b] Gateway of India
[c] India Gate
[d] Jallianwalla Bagh

21. Which is known as ‘the Gateway of Thekkady’?
[a] Neriyamangalam
[b] Kumily
[c] Adimali
[d] Munnar

22. The southernmost fresh water lagoon in Kerala is:
[a] Veli
[b] Akkulam
[c] Ashatamudi
[d] Vellayani

23. Erumeli famous for religious harmony is in the district of:
[a] Idukky
[b] Kottayam
[c] Ernakulam
[d] Alappuzha

24. The oldest European fort in India was built by
[a] The British
[b] The French
[c] The Portugese
[d] The Dutch

25. The Vayalar Award won novel “Ini njan urangatte’ was written by:
[a] MK Menon
[b] P. K. Balakrishnan
[c] Sukumar Azhikode
[d] Prof. M. K. Sanu

26. ‘Tavera’ is the name of a/an:
[a] Mobile phone
[b] Cement
[c] Television
[d] Automobile

27. Santiago is a charactor in:
[a] Dr.Zhivago
[b] The Wasteland
[c] The Old Man and the Sea
[d] Tin Drum

28. Which war is depicted in the Greek epic ‘Iliad’?
[a] Crimean War
[b] Punic War
[c] Trojan War
[d] Hundred Years War

29. Which is related to the study of old age?
[a] Gerontology
[b] Pathology
[c] Gemology
[d] Odontology

30. Who invented optical fibre?
[a] Carothers
[b] Huygens
[c] Narinder Kapani
[d] Samuel Colt

31. The first rocket launching station in India:
[a] Sriharikota
[b] Thumba
[c] Bangalore
[d] Chennai

32. Which acid is also known as Muriatic acid?
[a] Hydrochloric acid
[b] Acetic acid
[c] Tannic acid
[d] Tartaric acid

33. Which is known as ‘laughing gas’?
[a] Sulphur dioxide
[b] Hydrogen sulphide
[c] Nitrous oxide
[d] Ozone

34. Plant that has seeds and no fruits:
[a] Plantain
[b] Pepper
[c] Pinus
[d] Rubber

35. The ornamental plant ‘Buddha’s Belly’ is a variety of:
[a] Bamboo
[b] Coconut
[c] Orchid
[d] Anthurium

36. The fastest running bird:
[a] Hen
[b] Ostrich
[c] Emu
[d] Kiwi

37.The number of bones in skull:
[a] 14
[b] 28
[c] 33
[d] 22

38. The average density of the earth is ____glcubic cm.
[a] 7.5
[b] 6.5
[c] 5.5
[d] 3.5

39. The distance between earth and moon ___ lakh km.
[a] 1.49
[b] 3.84
[c] 107.3
[d] 3.61

40. Pacific Ocean was discovered by:
[a] Vasco Nunez
[b] Magallen
[c] Captain Cook
[d] Vasco da Gama

41. Highest peak in Asia
[a] Godwin Austin
[b] Everest
[c] Kanchenjunga
[d] Nandadevi

42.The Mediterranean sea and the Red sea are connected by:
[a] Panama canal
[b] Suez canal
[c] Bosporus
[d] Davis strait

43. ‘Kimi ga yo’ is the national anthem of:
[a] USA
[b] Britain
[c] Japan
[d] Bangladesh

44. O’Hare airport is in:
[a] Paris
[b] Chicago
[c] New York
[d] Rome

45. Magna Carta was signed by King John of England in:
[a] 1225
[b] 1285
[c] 1215
[d] 1235

46. Which High Court has the largest number of judges?
[a] Guwahati
[b] Delhi
[c] Allahabad
[d] Kolkata

47. India is ___th largest country in the world in terms of area:
[a] 6
[b] 8
[c] 7
[d] 9

48. Constituent Assembly adopted ‘Janaganamana’ as the national anthem of India on:
[a] 26th November 1949
[b] 26th January 1950
[c] 22nd July 1947
[d] 24th January 1950

49. Abhors is a tribe in:
[a] Tamil Nadu
[b] Kerala
[c] North East India
[d] Kashmir

50. Which area in India is dominated by alluvial soil?
[a] Western area
[b] Northern plains
[c] Southern area
[d] Deccan plateau

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