Kerala PSC Model Questions for University Assistant Exam - 102

1. Section 66E of IT Act 2000 defines ___
[a] Identity Theft
[b] Cyber Terrorism
[c] Child Abuses
[d] Violation of Privacy

2. Unauthorised access to a computer material is known as
[a] Spamming
[b] Hacking
[c] Chatting
[d] None

3. A compiler is ___
[a] a fast interpreter
[b] Slower than interpreter
[c] Used to convert a program into machine code
[d] None of these

4. VGA stands for?
[a] Visual Graphics Array
[b] Volatile Graphics Array
[c] Video Graphics Array
[d] Video Graphics Adapter

5. Who designed the first electronic Computer - ENIAC?
[a] Von Neumann
[b] Joseph.M.Jacquard
[c] J.P Eckert and J.W Mauchly
[d] Charles Babbage

6. Expand RFID
[a] Right Frequency Identity
[b] Rotate Front Identity
[c] Radio Frequency Identification
[d] Radio Fast Identity

7. How many metres make a Nautical Mile?
[a] 1658 mts
[b] 1852 mts
[c] 1825 mts
[d] 1685 mts

8. The president of the Indian National congress in 1885 was?
[a] W.C. Bannerjee
[b] W. Wedderburn
[c] Dadabhai Naoroji
[d] Geroge Yule

9. Which part of the body is mainly affected by Malaria?
[a] Liver
[b] Heart
[c] Spleen
[d] Nervous system

10. Which part of the brain regulates the involuntary functions such as breathing, heart beat

, blood pressure etc?
[a] Hypothalamus
[b] Medulla Oblangata
[c] Thalamus
[d] Cerebellum

11. The Chemical name of rat poison
[a] Zinc Sulphate
[b] Zinc phosphate
[c] Zinc Phosphide
[d] None of these

12. The pH scale was invented by ___
[a] Sorenson
[b] Ruther Ford
[c] Neils Bohr
[d] Frederich Wohler

13. Presbiopia can be rectified by using ___ lens?
[a] Concave
[b] Convex
[c] Cylindrical
[d] Biconcave

14. ___ glands shrinks in size after puberty
[a] Pituitary
[b] Adrenal
[c] Pineal
[d] Thymus

15. The leader of the Bardoli Satyagraha (1928) was?
[a] Sardar Vallabahi Patel
[b] Mahatma Gandhi
[c] Mahadev Desai
[d] Vitthalbhai Patel

16. Light Emitting Diode Converts ___?
[a] Light energy into electrical energy
[b] Electrical energy into light energy
[c] Thermal energy into light energy
[d] Mechanical energy into electrical energy

17. Which article specifies powers and privileges of the house of the parliament?
[a] Article 105
[b] Article 90
[c] Article 115
[d] Article 86

18. The Attorney General of India is a legal advisor to?
[a] Government of India
[b] President of India
[c] Lok Sabha
[d] Prime Minister

19. How many readings were held on the constitution in the Constituent Assembly?
[a] 3
[b] 2
[c] 4
[d] 5

20. The distribution of power between the centre and the states in the Indian Constitution is

based on the Scheme provided in the?
[a] The Government of India Act, 1935
[b] Morley - Minto Reforms 1909
[c] Montegu -Chlemsford Act, 1919
[d] The Indian Independence Act,1947

21. The Constitution of India assures economic justice to citizens through?
[a] Fundamental Rights
[b] Fundamental Duties
[c] Directive principles of state policy
[d] Preamble

22. The total number of Ministers including the Prime Minister shall not exceed?
[a] 15% of the members of Lok Sabha
[b] 20% of the members of Lok Sabha
[c] 10% of the members of Lok Sabha
[d] 25% of the members of Lok Sabha

23. Makkal Needhi Maiam is a political Party launched by famous actor ___
[a] Vijaykanth
[b] Rajanikanth
[c] Vishal
[d] Kamal Haasan

24. The Western Coastal Plain Stretches from?
[a] Rann of Kutch to Kanyakumari
[b] Chennai to Kanyakumari
[c] Bengal to Kanyakumari
[d] Mumbai to Kanyakumari

25. Which of the following are the west flowing rivers?
[a] Mahi
[b] Sabarmati
[c] Narmada and Tapti
[d] All the above

26.  Twitter is an online blogging service developed by
[a] Lary Ellis
[b] Jack Dorsey
[c] Tim Berners Lee
[d] John Barger

27. Which is the first country to launch virtual currency?
[a] New Zealand
[b] Australia
[c] Venezuela
[d] South Africa

28. The natural element having highest atomic weight and atomic number
[a] Thorium
[b] Polonium
[c] Curium
[d] Uranium

29. V.T. Bhattathirippad and his friends conducted a "Yachana Yathra" in 1931 from
[a] Thrissur to Kasargod
[b] Palakkad to Kasargod
[c] Varkala to Kasargod
[d] Varkala to Palakkad

30. Name the person who is related to the foundation of the "Servants of the Mary

[a] Poikayil Yohannan
[b] St. Kuriakose Alias Chavara
[c] Sr.Alphonsa
[d] Arnos Pathiri

31. Which was thefirst and only tribal revolt in south India against British ruling?
[a] Attingal Revolt
[b] Anchuthengu Revolt
[c] Channar Revolt
[d] Kurichya Revolt

32. The river which flows through Palakkad gap?
[a] Periyar
[b] Chalakkudy Puzha
[c] Bharathapuzha
[d] Chaliyar Puzha

33. The person who lead Salt Satyagraha in Palakkad?
[a] K.Kelappan
[b] Ramakrishan Pillai
[c] T.K.Madhavan
[d] T.R. Krishnaswamy Iyer

34. Where is the headquarters of Uralungal Labour Cyber Park?
[a] Vatakara
[b] Mananchira Square
[c] Nellikode
[d] Kuttichira

35. River Kabani originates from which hill?
[a] Anamudi
[b] Thondarmudi
[c] Nilgiri hills
[d] Agasthyamala

36. In which year periyar was declared as National Park?
[a] 1982
[b] 1991
[c] 1987
[d] 1986

37. Thoovanam waterfall is situated in which river?
[a] Periyar
[b] Chalakkudy
[c] Pambar
[d] Bhavani

38. Who was the first Advocate General of Kerala?
[a] K.V. Surya Narayana Iyer
[b] V. Viswanathan
[c] P.Govinda Menon
[d] N.Chandrasekharan

39. Sampoorna Gramin Rozgar Yojana was dedicated to the nation by the Prime Minister?
[a] Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee
[b] Shri Rajeev Gandhi
[c] Dr Manmohan Singh
[d] Shri V.P.Singh

40. First tree in the world to get GI (Geographical Indication) tag
[a] Assam Apple Valley Tea
[b] Jack fruit
[c] Nilambur Teak
[d] Bhanganappally Mango

41. In which year was Satujana Paripalana Sangam founded?
[a] 1806
[b] 1906
[c] 1907
[d] 1905

42. The new flag code of India came into being on?
[a] January 26, 2006
[b] January 26, 2004
[c] January 26, 2003
[d] January 26, 2002

43. Which of the following is not a Part of National Income?
[a] Wages and Salaries
[b] Profit
[c] Rent
[d] Interests on National debt

44. The National Stock Exchange of India (NSEI) was inagurated in?
[a] July 1992
[b] July 1993
[c] July 1994
[d] July 1995

45. For what is the Manas Sanctuary in Assam known?
[a] Bear
[b] Tiger
[c] Wild Ass
[d] Birds

46. Laterite soil develop as a result of?
[a] Deposits of alluvial
[b] Deposition of loess
[c] Leaching
[d] Continued vegetation cover

47. Punjab was annexed to British Territories in the year?
[a] 1809
[b] 1839
[c] 1849
[d] 1857

48. Country which set up first digital embassy in the world
[a] Switzerland
[b] Estonia
[c] Finland
[d] India

49. Gandhiji's Champaran Movement was for?
[a] Solving the problem of Indigo workers
[b] The security of rights of Harijans
[c] Maintaining the unity of Hindu society
[d] Civil Disobedience Movement

50. International Soil Day
[a] Feb 5
[b] December 5
[c] March 5
[d] July 5